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Where to Find the Best Gift Deals this Christmas

The holiday season is a time to enjoy yourself, spend time with your loved ones and go shopping to pick out the best gifts for the people you love the most. What the Christmas season shouldn’t be is stressful; buying gifts shouldn’t have to break the bank and ruin your budget, which is why knowing exactly where to look for the best deals this Christmas is imperative to your peace of mind—and your bank account.

A Puppy as a Christmas Gift?

With Christmas on its way and everyone getting into the festivities, I have been thinking about whether receiving a puppy as a Christmas gift is as exciting as it seems. Almost every dog lover, dog sitter, or dog owner at one time or another has wished to give a puppy as a Christmas gift. It is such a great surprise, especially if you know of someone who has wanted a dog for awhile.

Top 5 Gifts for a Stay-at-Home Mom

Life as a stay-at-home mom (SAHM) can get pretty hectic but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Without realizing it, a day can fly by between laundry, errands, and pulling together meals for the family. Here are some suggestions for practical and fun gifts for that mom you know who seems to do it all.