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Last-Minute Gifts that Save Your Life—Or at Least Your Relationships

Have you forgotten a key anniversary? Have you let slip from your mind the birthday of your significant other until the day is almost here? What last-minute gifts can you possibly dig up in order to avoid the embarrassment (to put it mildy) of having to own up that you had forgotten? Forgetting a special […]

The Best Gifts for a Handyman

Let’s face it: no one really wants another boring tie, package of socks or gaudy sweater for their next birthday or holiday gift. (Sorry, but it’s true.)

Whether you’ve got a burgeoning Bob Vila or an Amy Wynn Pastor wannabe among your family or friends, choosing the perfect gift for your favorite handyman—or handywoman—is easy. Focus on their favorite hobby—home improvement projects, of course! And give them a gift that they’ll both appreciate and use.

Fun Gifts for All

Gift-giving is about sharing happiness with others. So what’s better than giving fun gifts to your friends? These small, fun gifts are not necessarily expensive but never fail to bring a smile to the face of the receiver. Unique fun gifts can be given on any occasion and will bring out laughter and cheer everyone up.

Fun gifts can be given to anybody, but if you are giving a gag gift, be careful. You risk annoying or offending somebody if you get it wrong. In other words, gag gifts are reserved for the close friends and colleagues with whom we interact on a daily basis and understand completely. There is no risk then.