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Party Gifts for the 4th of July

Although the 4th of July is fraught with tradition, if you’re giving a party this year, go outside the box with these Independence Day celebration ideas. Memorable Invitations Invitations can be more than just a simple card the guest eventually throws away. They can be gifts guests can display on coffee tables or fireplace mantels. […]

3 Things to Consider When Buying Robes as Gifts for Clergy Members

Though not the most common of gifts, members of the clergy love presents too, and clergy robes can make the perfect gift. The church has been in existence for thousands of years. Over the centuries, clergy apparel has changed to reflect the prevailing trends and church traditions. The choice of clergy robes should convey the […]

Gift Ideas for Conference Speakers

When hosting a conference, it is customary for the company to hire speakers for the conference. The speakers are the main attraction and will determine the success of the conference. It is considered good etiquette to give each speaker a gift for their services at the conference. Many companies choose to give their speakers a […]