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Gift Ideas for Conference Speakers

When hosting a conference, it is customary for the company to hire speakers for the conference. The speakers are the main attraction and will determine the success of the conference. It is considered good etiquette to give each speaker a gift for their services at the conference. Many companies choose to give their speakers a […]

Gifts for Dad

If you’re a bit stumped as to what to get your dad for Father’s Day, you’re not alone. Father’s Day gift ideas can leave kids stumped, sometimes resulting in everyday presents like neckties or polo shirts. Go beyond the obvious: Use what you know about your dad, add a little practicality and find the perfect […]

Five Gift Ideas for Surgeons

Finding gifts for surgeons can be tough—especially since most people don’t understand surgeons or medical practitioners as well as, say a teacher or a contractor. On my search for the holy grail of surgeon’s gifts, I discovered these five gift ideas for surgeons: 1. Funny Tees & Mugs Though cliché, I’m almost certain that your […]