30th Birthday Gift Ideas

The 30th birthday is a special time in a person’s life. It is something you want to remember for long after the event. If you have somebody dear to you celebrating their thirtieth birthday soon, here are some of the best 30th birthday gifts I have found to commemorate this milestone birthday. Be ready to show your affection with these bright and fresh 30th birthday gift ideas.

Souvenir Gifts

Souvenir gifts make excellent 30th birthday ideas. They are great reminders of a special moment and are proudly displayed to symbolize the love of the dear friends who gave the gifts. 30th birthday mugs are a favorite of many people. These mugs make very nice keepsakes that people will cherish long after their birthdays. Some people will keep them for life as a memento.

Grasslands Road Sweet Soiree 13-Ounce “30” Birthday Mug

30th Birthday Mug Mark My Words

Tasty Treats

If the birthday boy or girl has a sweet tooth, then opting for 30th birthday gift baskets might be a good idea. These 30th birthday gift ideas for him or her usually contain many surprises that will delight the recipient. Gift baskets are very good 30th birthday presents because they add some fun to the celebration. A little sweetness here and there certainly lifts the mood and contributes to the success of the party!

Best Birthday Wishes Gourmet Food Sampler Gift Basket

30th Birthday Gift Basket Party


You may think that books are a tad boring for a 30th birthday gift idea but do not underestimate their value in boosting the morale of the birthday boy or girl! Some books out there are specifically targeted to people turning 30 and who are really at the crossroads of their lives. Many of us make major decisions that determine how we will spend the rest of our lives at that age. Perhaps one of these books is the 30th birthday gift idea that will inspire your best friend to make the right decisions. Who knows?

Book of Ages 30

Thirty Things to Do When You Turn Thirty


When you turn thirty, you suddenly become more health conscious. As the middle-age edges in on you and youth ebbs away, your weight and excess belly fat suddenly become more oppressive. Many of us choose to embark on drastic health improvement programs after our 30th birthdays. It is therefore a thoughful 30th birthday gift (and an intelligent one, if you want to nudge your friend in the right direction!) to present them with scales to monitor their weight loss progress.

Taylor Scales 7527 400 Pound High-Tempered Glass Platform, Clear

Taylor Scales 5768 350 Pound Scale with Body Fat and Body Water Measurements


Jewelry is another great 30th birthday present that you might consider. If the birthday boy or girl is someone really special (like a husband or wife or close family member), then pieces of jewelry are really the ideal gift. Jewelry is a long-term gift. Most good-quality jewelry lasts a lifetime and makes excellent mementos. As birthday gifts for women, necklaces are certainly the most valued. A great necklace will bring a smile to her face in a jiffy. You might also go for a nice ring.

Dolphin Crystal Pendant Necklace With Velour Gift Box

Sterling Silver “The Love Between a Mother and Daughter Knows No Distance” with Gold Plated Heart Pendant, 18″

The 30th birthday is indeed a very special time that calls for very special 30th birthday present ideas. It can be happy or it can be dreaded, depending on the frame of mind of the person. Many people fear the increasing effects of age that turning thirty symbolizes. It is up to us, the family and friends who surround the birthday boy or girl, to lift his or her morale through great 30th birthday gifts and all the attention and care we can muster.

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