4 Eco-Friendly Gifts for a New Mother and Child

If you know someone who has just given birth to a baby, you’ll want to treat them to a gift of some kind. It’s good to know you can do this with an eye on being eco-friendly too, because you can always find something useful and appealing that isn’t going to cause any harm to the environment. Here are four eco-friendly gifts for a new mother and her baby.

#1: Organic Baby Clothes

No mom will ever have too many baby clothes! Onesies and similar items are always well received by a new mom. If you think everyone else might go the same way, you can always get them for a slightly older baby so mom has some organic clothing to use later on.

Hudson Baby Organic Bodysuit – Peanut Ecru – 0-3 Months

Funkoos Organic Baby Clothes Blue Stripes Baby Boy Short Sleeve T-Shirts, 3-6 months for infants/newborn :3 – 6 mon

#2: Personalized Teddy Bears

Some of these are made with eco-friendly materials so you can always find something ideal to celebrate the occasion. Look for organic cotton and make sure you can get a message – or the name and date of birth of the new arrival – stitched into the teddy bear’s tummy, or on its T-shirt.

Simply Natural Panda Bear 6.5″ by Russ Berrie

Dandelion Classic Organic Toy Crinkle Bear

#3: Gift Baskets

It’s easy to find an organically made gift basket, and you can either get one ready made up or choose your own items to go in it. The latter choice is often better because you can personalize the items and choose things you know mom and baby will love. Think about eco-friendly hand lotion and maybe some booties for baby made from organic cotton.

Organic! – Monkey Business Baby Gift Basket

Deluxe Organic New Baby Gift Basket

The Baby Bunch Nest Of Three Pairs Organic Socks with Drawer Sachet – Dusty Pink

Organic Egyptian Cotton Newborn Baby Gift in Treasure Box

#4: Eco-friendly Diapers Made into a Diaper Cake

Diaper cakes are catching on in a big way, and there is no reason why you cannot make your own from a range of eco-friendly diapers. Many of these are re-usable so if you know the mom is eager to be good to the environment, you should give her a head start with just the right nappies for her child.

Huggies Pure & Natural Diapers, Size 2, 72 Count (Pack of 2)

BAMBO® Ultra Absorbent Chlorine-Free Eco-Friendly Baby Diapers – Size 1 – Newborn – Fits 4.4 to 8.8 lbs – 28 Count (Pack of 1)

There are dozens of other ideas you can use for eco-friendly gifts that are aimed either at mom or her baby. Many people decide to get separate gifts so baby has something useful or cute to keep and mom gets a treat too. Think about something luxurious for mom, like locally-made chocolate that is wrapped in eco-friendly packaging. There are lots of solutions out there so if you check online you’ll find plenty of ideas for great eco-friendly gifts to give.

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