5 Top Gag Gifts for a Loved One

Buying gag gifts is as much fun as giving gag gifts. And seeing the reaction on the face of a gag gift recipient can crack up just about anyone. The 5 top gag gifts for a loved one listed here are guaranteed to make everybody involved laugh.

Bathroom Humor Always Gets a Laugh

One top gag gift for a loved one is a putting green for use on the potty. This real looking putting green is the perfect size to place around a toilet in the bathroom and comes with a golf ball and a putter. The putter is the perfect length for a person who is sitting on the toilet to use to hit the ball. Any loved one who is a golf enthusiast or sports fanatic will certainly want to practice his putting while using the bathroom. This gag gift is sure to be a hit.

Bathroom Golf Set

Big Mouth Toys Hook Line And Stinker Toilet Fishing Game

Everyone Wears Hats

Another amusing gag gift is a hilarious hat. One such hat is the beer box hat. This particular hat is actually made from real beer boxes and is officially licensed. This gag gift is useful since the recipient can actually wear it.

Coors Light Beer Box Cowboy Hat

Miller Lite Beer Box Cowboy Hat

Silly Christmas Ornaments

Gag gift giving can now be part of anyone’s holiday traditions. Giving a silly Christmas ornament to a loved one can brighten his day when he opens the gift. The recipient will relive the moment every time he looks at the ornament hanging on the Christmas tree. There are many silly Christmas tree ornaments on the market today. However, some of the silliest to purchase include the piece of bacon ornament or the glittery dog poop ornament that hangs from a lovely piece of ribbon.

Set Of 2 Tootin’ Tushie Ornaments

‘Pull My Finger Farting Santa’ – Holiday Gag Gift

Think Super Large

Another unique gag gift comes in a super large size. Giving a super-sized remote control can be hysterical, especially when the recipient finds out that the enormous remote actually works. This gag gift weighs a lot and will have the recipient struggling just to pick it up.

XL Giant Margarita Glass

Sentry RMC10 Universal Jumbo Remote Control

Shower Fun

Puzzle lovers will get a real kick out of this one. This gag gift idea is a word search puzzle shower curtain. Never again will the recipient be bored while taking a shower. This very practical gag gift will provide hours of amusement and test the puzzler’s mind.

Big Mouth Toys The World’s Largest Word Search Puzzle Shower Curtain

$1,000,000 Puzzle

The best part of giving gag gifts is the anticipation of the recipient’s reaction. The five top gag gifts for a loved one listed here are sure to get a great reaction. Funny hats, bathroom gifts, silly ornaments, and humongous items always get big laughs.

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    Great gift ideas :) I especially like the hat on the right. A perfect combination of colors (blue, white, orange). I think it will be a very good choice for everybody who want to buy a gift for a man. They like such things.

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