7965 LEGO Millennium Falcon 2011

LEGO blocks have been part of every kids childhood for decades now. Those colorful little blocks have played with our imaginations, letting us explore beyond our little dreams to inspire us to reach for the stars. LEGO sells brick sets ranging from simple sets you can explore freely to themed sets with patterns based on a certain theme. These themes vary from famous characters, famous eras, famous people and popular themes. One of the newest themed LEGO sets is the 7965 Lego Millennium Falcon 2011 based on the famous Star Wars series. This particular set is one of the most wanted 2011 Christmas toys.

7965 LEGO Millennium Falcon 2011

LEGO Millennium Falcon 7965

LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon 7965

Overview of the LEGO Millennium Falcon 7965

The Millenmium Falcon 10179 is the latest from a series of similar sets. It is the sixth version released since the first one in 2000. It is a classic set inspired by Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. This particular set is a large scale version with the 1,238 pieces needed to assemble the set and 6 mini figures of Star Wars Characters.

Detailed Description

  • Interior
  • The interior features accurate placement of the control module of the Falcon. There are two seats leading to the middle turret next to two computers. There are also seats available for the crew located at the right when you view the model from the front. There is a compartment where you can lay a mini figure and later drop out. The left part of the hiding compartment features a gun turret where you can fit a mini figure and it can be turned 360 degrees.

  • Exterior
  • The cockpit is mounted to the exterior of the Falcon along a slanted wall attached to the main body of the ship. This leads to a long cylindrical tube to a large gun turret. The body is surrounded by 12 slanted tiles giving it a sleek sloped look. The whole exterior mimics accurately that of a true model Falcon.

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