A Gift Offering Hours of Outdoor Fun: Wooden Swing Set Kits

Children love to spend time playing outdoors, and getting fresh air and exercise is good for their health. Outdoor wood swing sets give active kids lots to do with various pieces of equipment designed to keep them moving. Parents can find wooden swing set kits they can put together that will last for years and ensure their kids get the exercise, sunshine and fresh air they need every day. Wooden swing set kits come in a wide range of sizes to accommodate any yard, regardless of how big it is.

Kids Get Years of Fun Out of Durable Swing Sets

Most people remember what it was like as a kid playing outdoors on a swingset. Metal units were popular many years ago, but they were at the mercy of the elements. Wet weather, humid conditions, and unrelenting sunshine eventually took their toll as the paint peeled and faded. Rust would often form at the joints and eventually the structure was no longer safe to play on.

The outdoor wooden playsets available today are more expensive than those traditional metal units, but the construction is superior and the materials will last for years as long as the unit is properly maintained. Most quality wood swing sets are often still usable and in great shape long after the child has outgrown them.


Highlander Deluxe Cedar Play Set with Slide

Custom Playsets Offer Creative Options

Parents have choices when shopping for wood playsets for their children. A standard wooden swing set kit typically features a couple swings and a traditional straight slide. Parents who are willing to spend a little more can create a unique play structure and have professionals build it for them. This is the best option if you are not very handy because wooden swing set kits can be extremely complicated and difficult to assemble.

Custom play sets give you more flexibility to design a wooden swing set that your kids will love. Each element is selected separately according to individual need. Infant swings have special seats that strap the child in tight for a safe ride. Regular swings can be added for older children. When the baby outgrows the infant swing, parents can replace it with a regular seat. A rope ladder offers kids a chance to climb while rings, trapeze bars, and other elements will build strong muscles. Rock climbing walls are becoming more popular in backyards everywhere.

Basic playsets have everything needed to keep kids entertained but parents can equip the playset with a variety of fun accessories. They can create a giant pirate ship by adding a ship’s wheel and a telescope. Slides are made in a variety of shapes and sizes from scoops to waves to spirals. Regardless of space available or budget size, parents can find a wooden playset that will make kids want to get up off the couch and play outside.

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Sierra Wooden Swing Set

Alpine Custom Ready-to-Build Swing Set Kit

Swing – N – Slide Chesapeake Wood Complete Ready – To Assemble Swing Set Kit

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