A Puppy as a Christmas Gift?

With Christmas on its way and everyone getting into the festivities, I have been thinking about whether receiving a puppy as a Christmas gift is as exciting as it seems. Almost every dog lover, dog sitter, or dog owner at one time or another has wished to give a puppy as a Christmas gift. It is such a great surprise, especially if you know of someone who has wanted a dog for awhile.

The Puppy that Came for Christmas

The Puppy That Came for Christmas: How a Dog Brought One Family the Gift of Joy

Santa Buddies

Santa Buddies

In reality though, giving a new puppy as a Christmas gift to someone who hasn’t had a chance to interact with the dog prior to receiving it might turn the intended surprise into a disaster.  Owning a dog is a long-term commitment and until every family member has a chance to interact with the dog and able to decide on whether he or she is the right fit for the family, we should be discouraged from giving such gifts.

Puppy Training Book

Puppy Training: The Ultimate Guide on Puppy Training Tips for the First Few Months of Bringing Home a New Puppy- From House Breaking a New Puppy and Puppy … Checklist, Puppy Safety, Dog Games and More

The Everything New Puppy Book

The Everything New Puppy Book: Choosing, raising, and training your new best friend (Everything Series)

A great alternative is to get a dog ownership gift certificate. For example, the Seattle Humane Society offers Adoption Gift Certificates that start at $80 and include a pet’s spaying or neutering and a microchip. It also provides 30 day of pet health insurance, initial vaccinations, and veterinary exam. Having this certificate program as an alternative, the dog owner can take its time and make their own choice of what dog they’d like to adopt.  The Humane Society offers a wide selection of dog breeds and does their best to match people with the perfect dog to fit their lifestyle. It is a great way to find your new best friend.

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Dog Breeds

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Dog Breeds

The Complete Dog Book

The Complete Dog Book: 20th Edition

As a dog owner or a Seattle dog sitter, have you ever received a dog as a gift? Was it a fit or total mismatch? Have you ever given a dog as a gift and if so, how did the recipient accept it? Do you think that giving a pet ownership gift certificate is a positive alternative? Please share your stories as we would love to hear about them.

Dog Book


Doggies (Boynton on Board Book)

Doggies (Boynton on Board)

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