Best Beauty Gifts for that Special Woman in your Life

What can be more frustrating than searching for that distinctive beauty gift for that special woman in your life? It could be your mother, your girlfriend, fiancée, wife, or sister. Regardless of how close the two of you have been, when it comes to gifting a beauty gift, the process can be very daunting and time consuming.

You want a beauty gift that will be well appreciated, one that will be meaningful in their life, and more importantly, one that will help you pass the intended message across perfectly. It has always been a challenge to buy beauty gifts for women because of the simple fact that their intentions can easily be misinterpreted.

For instance, gifting your girlfriend with a gift voucher to a health and fitness spa may be misinterpreted to mean you don’t like the way they are, while in essence, all you wanted was to help them keep fit in a beautiful and sexy way. Not to be discouraged though, remember that the best beauty gift is the one given for the right reasons, at the right time. Here are some of the best beauty gift ideas to get you started.

Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets Tranquil Delights Lavender Spa Bath and Body Tote

Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets Essence of Luxury Spa Bath and Body Set

Gift voucher to her beauty shop: This is by far the most general gift that you can never go wrong with. Basically, all you are trying to do here is to give them the liberty to choose what they want.

Jewelry: Jewelry is a great beauty gift for ladies and depending on the occasion, it can be used to pass the message across perfectly. Say for instance you want to propose to your lady and it is Valentine’s Day, a diamond engagement ring is the perfect beauty gift here and will be very much appreciated.

Other occasions such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc. can call for such things as pendant and earrings or bracelets for any special woman in your life. The best thing about jewelry is the fact that it fits all women of all sizes and ages, regardless of the relationship that exists between the two of you.

Sterling Silver Red Jasper Inlay Heart Pendant, 18″

Sterling Silver Marcasite and Garnet Colored Glass Heart Pendant, 18″

Makeup kit: A makeup kit basically consists of a small mirror, mascara, foundation, concealer, moisturizer, lip liner, lipstick and lip gloss, eyeliner, eye shadow palette with a brush, etc. These are the most basic things that every woman should have. While it can be hard to pick these things because you may not know her favorite shades and brands, a little research into her lifestyle and personal tastes and preferences can guide you. Luckily, there are renowned brand names that offer complete makeup kits, so you won’t have to go hand picking each item on its own.

Shany Deluxe Makeup Kit, Travel, 51 Count

Shany Professional Makeup Kit, 78 Color

BR 44 Makeup Color Kit # JC212

Giovi Professional Makeup Kit # GZ706 2.29 oz

Nothing can be more frustrating than trying to get that unique beauty gift for a lady who seems to have all the things that you are thinking of. Keep in mind however that the best gift of all is the thought, attention, and time that go into gifting her. These are simply irresistible gifts that most women only dream of and with the right intentions, you can nail it perfectly and let her know that you care for her beauty the same way you do for her emotions.

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