Boyfriend, What to Buy Your Girlfriend Who Has Everything

I admit I’m not always the easiest girl to shop for. I’m always grateful and love the gifts my boyfriend has given to me, but I most often come across as the girl who has everything. Don’t most girls have everything or at least a little bit of everything? Well, I most certainly do, especially in the clothing department. The real problem is that basically I have enough to where my boyfriend has to be very creative in regards to what gifts he decides to purchase for me. Also, since he’s a penny pincher, I usually give him helpful hints by providing him with coupons from my favorite stores. For the guys out there who may be running out of ideas of what to buy your girlfriend for her birthday, read on.

Hobby-Related Gifts to Buy Your Girlfriend

For a couple, having a series of activities that you both enjoy to participate in with one another is crucial. Depending on where you live, investing in a hobby that you both enjoy will make you crave even more time with one another. A few years ago my boyfriend bought me a beach chair because we both love and live near the beach, and besides the pink bike that he painted for me, it’s been one of my favorite gifts. Purchasing a beach chair assured me that he wanted me to be comfy at the beach, but more importantly he wanted me to go to the beach with him. We keep the beach chair tucked away at his apartment for those sunny days when we escape to the beach for lunch to break up the work day. Other hobby-related gifts to buy your girlfriend include a tennis racquet, ping pong balls (maybe in pink!), a soccer ball, or a fun-looking football, depending on the hobby you both have an interest in.

Fresh Quilting: Fearless Color, Design, and Inspiration

Jillian Michaels: Yoga Meltdown

Beauty Gifts for Your Girlfriend

Women love beauty products. Let me repeat. Women, most women that is, love beauty products. At least I do and one of my favorite beauty products right now is Katy Perry’s OPI Crackle Nail Polish. Even if your girlfriend always has a lot of nail polish, the fact that you are keeping up on the latest beauty trends and even know about crackle nail polish will impress her. By the way, I thought you should know that crackle nail polish goes over the first layer of colored nail polish, creating an edgy crackled like look on your girl’s nails. It looks great, trust me.

OPI Katy Perry Collection, Black Shatter, 0.5-Fluid Ounce

FantaSea 10 piece Nail Art Glitter Set

Sentimental Gifts to Buy for Your Girlfriend

Feeling extra sappy? Why not go the extra mile by purchasing a picture frame and putting some of your favorite pictures of you and your girlfriend in it. My personal favorite type of picture frame is the one below, the Home Profile Puzzle Collage Picture Frame. It’s fantastic because it gives you a variety of picture frames, but they are all attached together in a compact and stylish frame. I had a few collage picture frames in my past apartment and they look dazzling and often reminded me of our precious memories together.

Malden Home Profiles Puzzle Collage Picture Frame

Collage Picture Frame, 8×10 Black Multi Photo Frame with 4 openings – Collage Windowpane Frame

I hope you enjoyed these gift ideas to buy your girlfriend who has everything. There are so many gifts to choose from, but as a boyfriend you know your girlfriend best. Whatever you select for her, it is the thought that counts. Pay attention to her dropping you hints and be aware of what she has been asking you to do with her. Maybe it’s time to spend some money on a concert ticket or a vacation.

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