Say “Bravo!” To Your Bridesmaids with these Thoughtful Bridesmaid Gifts

Let’s face it!  You can’t do it alone.  Planning a wedding and preparing for this new chapter in your life can be overwhelming.  Booking the venues, planning the honeymoon, choosing the attire, picking the flowers and working with all sorts of vendors can take its toll.  Thank goodness for bridesmaids!  Ready to help in every way possible—including maintaining your sanity—they really should be called your Bridal Support Team.  That’s why choosing the right bridesmaid gift to thank them for not only participating in your wedding but being there for you is so important. If you’re looking for a special way to say “Bravo!” to your bridesmaids, consider these practical, fun bridesmaid gifts.

Ceremony Accessories:  Providing the ladies with their jewelry for the wedding day is always a great way to say thanks.  Not only does it help everyone have a coordinated look hand-picked by you, but they also get a piece of jewelry that they’ll cherish and wear long after the wedding.  For these items, consider bridesmaid gifts such as necklace and earring sets, bracelets, brooches, and decorative combs for their hair.

Timeless Beauty Engraved Pearl Bracelet Princess Rhinestone Jewelry Set

Personalized Gifts:  It’s funny how a little personalization can turn any item into a wedding keepsake.  Adding a name, monogram, or special message gives you the opportunity to “make it personal” even if all the gifts are the same.  Tote bags, glassware, scarves, laptop bags, jewelry cases, and toiletry bags are all useful personalized bridesmaid gifts that they’re sure to appreciate.

Kensington Reversible Tote Quilted Laptop Bag

Beauty Essentials:  You can’t really go wrong with a beauty-related gift.  Keeping your girls looking their absolute best, they’ll appreciate a cosmetic bag, robe or towel wrap.  Even a collection including smaller items like compacts, manicure sets, and slippers is a bridesmaid gift that provides a spa treatment anytime.

Monogrammed Towel Wrap Kensington Cosmetic Bag

Hobby/Interests:  Whether you and your bridesmaids share the same interests or not, incorporating a particular hobby is a fun way to tailor your bridesmaid gifts specifically for that person.  If getting things cooking in the kitchen is a hobby for someone, give her a personalized apron and a cookbook.  If you know that another lady is really into sports, give her a gift with items from her favorite team.  If you are sisters in a Greek organization, choosing a sorority gift would be an excellent idea.  Granted, it may take a little more time selecting different gifts for each girl, but they’ll appreciate the extra effort.

Monogrammed Apron Greek Friendship Vase

As varied as the women in your wedding party are, there are all sorts of ways to show your appreciation through great bridesmaid gifts.  But choosing the right gift for your bridesmaids is easy when you use this gift guide.

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