Choosing Ethical and Sustainable Gifts

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As more and more people become aware of the importance of change in both environmental and social practices, they try to look for alternatives that will promote the greater good. However, when it comes to gift-giving, these same people sometimes forget to take these things into consideration. You can incorporate global ideals by choosing a gift that is both ethical and sustainable, whether it is a gift for a new baby, a housewarming gift for your best friends, or a bridal shower gift for your sister.

Some would argue that an ethical gift is, by nature, sustainable and vice versa but there are subtle differences. The ideal gift will be both, however. Choosing an ethical gift means looking for items that were manufactured by workers who are treated well and are paid a fair living wage. Make sure there was no use of child or slave labor and, if you are in doubt, look for a better alternative. Look for items that are certified by Fair Trade, the Rainforest Alliance, or a similar organization to ensure that ethical practices were followed in the manufacturing process. Finally, choose items that will be useful and will contribute to a green lifestyle. If the item is only going to end up unused or in a landfill, it is not a good choice.

It is also important to make sure your gift is sustainable. Sustainable gifts are those that could be manufactured infinitely without harming the environment. Sustainable items should be made of organically grown or recycled materials in a carbon-neutral process. Look for items that are produced in a way that will not create pollutants and that use minimal packaging. It is also a good idea to buy domestically produced products when possible to avoid excessive transportation and its associated pollution.

Choosing ethical and sustainable gifts may take a bit more effort but is well worth it in payoff. By choosing carefully, you can give items that will improve the lives of others and promote a better planet.

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