Christmas Gift Ideas for Home Audio Lovers

We all have people in our lives that are technophiles who love home entertainment technology. They can be rather picky, so coming up with Christmas gift ideas for home audio lovers can be a tricky thing. Sometimes it’s easier just to let them spend their own money to find devices that make them happy. But every once in a while, it’s nice to surprise one of these home audio lovers with a great gift that you can be sure they will love. You can show them that they aren’t the only person who knows a thing or two about modern technology with some of these selections that are top-of-the-line products. When they open up their Christmas gift and see these great home audio products inside, you can be sure that they’ll have a smile on their face.

Onkyo SKS-HT870 Home Theater Speaker System

Polk Audio RM705 5.1 Home Theater System (Set of Six, Black)

Sennheiser RS 180 Digital Wireless Headphone SystemSennheiser RS 180 Digital Wireless Headphone System: If you’re looking for wireless headphones for TV, this is definitely one of the best selections on the market. It’s a bit pricier, but it comes with everything you need to get fully customize sound while elevating your viewing experience to the next level. Sennheiser has overtaken Sony according to many experts and they deliver with a winner here. It combines a great level of comfort and ultimate performance in a single package that will be a welcome addition to any home entertainment room.

Bose 161 Bookshelf Speaker SystemBose 161 Bookshelf Speaker System: That special person in your life will really enjoy this wireless set of speakers that will allow access to sound at different heights. As the name implies, it’s best used when put on top of a bookshelf, but you can also have it on the side of the desk or at the base of your television. When used strategically, you can bolster sound even more which will make a movie or music experience truly immersive.

Ear Force PX5 Programmable Wireless 7-1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound Headset with BluetoothEar Force PX5 Surround Sound with Bluetooth It’s almost impossible these days to compete in video games without having a great headset. If you know somebody who loves to play in virtual game environments then this wireless gaming headset is going to make a perfect choice. It comes with full compatibility for a variety of consoles and platforms, and crystal clear quality sound that actually turns people into better gamer’s. The addition of Bluetooth is a nice touch that supplements and already solid communication system.

ET-19K Wireless Karaoke System with Tagalog ChipMagic Sing ET-19K Karaoke Microphones: Karaoke has already made a huge comeback and it’s thanks to quality pieces of equipment like this. It is a bit pricier for a karaoke machine, but at the same time you get everything you need in one complete package. It comes with two wireless microphones, 2000 songs loaded into the system, and a selection of pre-programmed games for anyone to enjoy. It’s basically a karaoke lover’s dream come true or a wonderful introduction to this hobby at any time of year.

LG LHB976 1100W 3D Blu-ray Home Theater System with Smart TV and Integrated Wi-Fi and Wireless Rear SpeakersLG LHB976 1100W 3D Blu-ray Home Theater System with Smart TV: this is an extensive home entertainment system that probably would be better suited for a gift for your own family rather than individual person. It’s definitely pricey, but it comes with everything you’re ever going to need to enjoy various forms of media in your own home. You’ll have every component of blending together perfectly in a perfect balance of visual and audio delight. Quite simply, you’ll never have to go to a professional movie theater again with the convenience and performance of this spectacular product.

Choosing a gift for a picky home theater buff doesn’t have to be hard. Make your loved one’s day with any of these great Christmas gift ideas for home audio lovers.

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