Cool Gifts for Guys

It is not easy choosing a gift for someone, especially someone you love. If you have a guy in your life and you are thinking of a gift for him on a special occasion, you will soon realize that it is a rather difficult task. You want something that will be appreciated—something cool that will make a difference. There are certain things that make up what most people consider as cool gifts for guys.

Electronic Gadgets: The Coolest Gifts for Guys

Guys love gadgets like iPods, Kindles, digital cameras, PDAs, iPads, and all the other gadgets that make life cooler for the modern guy. Choosing any of these gadgets for him, especially the one that he does have will certainly put a smile on his face. Due to improvements in technology, newer versions of gadgets with superior features are coming out regularly. That means that even if he has one already, he will prefer the newer model. Guys want to be current with their gadgets.

AmazonBasics Universal Travel Case for Small Electronics and Accessories (Black)

Sharp YOP20HII 1MB Electronic Organizer

Clothing Accessories for Guys

No matter what styles your guy wears, there are clothing accessories for him. Accessories such as watches, cufflinks, ties, necklaces, rings, and belts chosen properly can make some of the best gifts for guys. You have to consider your guy’s style to choose what he will appreciate. For example, cufflinks are not a cool gift for guys who wear T-shirts and jeans, but sunglasses might be.

Classic Stainless Steel Cufflinks in a Nice Box

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Car Gifts Are Cool Gifts for Guys Too

The next important thing in a man’s life after his wife or girlfriend is his car. There are certain times you can’t tell the difference between a man’s affection for his car and his woman. Buying something for his car as a gift can make him feel you care about him. Some of the items worth considering here are floor mats and seat covers.

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You Can’t Go Wrong with Gift Cards

These are very cool gifts guys can receive. It makes them feel you respect their choices and you don’t want to impose anything on them. A gift card can let your guy buy whatever he wants without feeling guilty. It save you too from a lot of thinking and reduces your cost since you will not have to buy a box and wrapping paper for the gifts you choose. $75 Gift Card (0147)

SUBWAY Gift Card

Writing Materials for Guys

For professional guys and those who take a lot of notes, some special writing items can be very much appreciated. There are special pens and notebooks that can be a delight to pull out at meetings. A refillable elegant ballpoint pen for today’s professional guy will be a show off at a meeting.

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Food Gifts for Guys

Taking your guy out for some delicious healthy treat is another cool gift idea. You can take him out to a restaurant for some local or exotic delicacies.

Broadway Basketeers Gourmet Fruit and Nut Gift Basket

Broadway Basketeers Gourmet Gift Tower of Sweets (Medium)

Books: Cool Gifts for Guys who Like to Read

A well-chosen book can make a good gift for a guy. It may be a book about his business or chosen career, or an inspirational book. If you make your choice well, book gifts can become a lifetime gift that will never be forgotten.

100 Ways To Motivate Yourself: Change Your Life Forever

Fearless: Creating the Courage to Change the Things You Can

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