Crazy Awesome Gifts for Guys

Too often the gifts we give are boring. If your brother’s birthday rolls around and he gets ten gift cards, where is the fun in that? We might as well all take turns making bank transfers into each other’s savings accounts *yawn*.

Be different this year when Christmas or a birthday rolls around; pick out some crazy gifts for guys that demand to be noticed. That demand attention! That demand that you get something equally crazy in return!

Star Trek: U.S.S. Enterprise Haynes Manual

Fascinations GearUp 6″ Round (Brass and Glass)

Starting The Quest

When you start looking for a crazy gift you need to think about what you mean by crazy. You can’t just wander into a Spencers’ and grab at random from the shelves (well, you could, that might be amusing, but it’s also likely to be a disaster). ‘Gag’ gifts are also frequently way more expensive for what you are buying than they would be if you were buying something equivalent that was not packaged as a gift.

One guiding strategy you can use when searching for these crazy awesome gifts for guys is to think of what might have been in the guy’s dorm room. Dorm life might not have been glamorous, but it is frequently the craziest time in a guy’s life before responsibilities and serious get a hold of him.

Hot Sauce Set, Dave’s Top Four Hot Sauce Sampler with Insanity Sauce

(Sand Print Large) – Fun Tongs Men’s Flip Flops

You Got What?

Would he still appreciate a collection of Bob Marley posters? Maybe, maybe not: look to his current music collection. Whatever you do get go big. Don’t get the small tasteful memorabilia of his favorite band, go for the garishly colored record-shop version for a truly awesome guy-gift.

Bob Marley Poster 24X36 One Love Red Black Green Poster Print, 24×36 Music Poster Print, 24×36

Bob Marley – Smoke the Herb Man! Best Seller Poster Print, 22×34

Amazon sells many signs that might have once been stolen to decorate a dorm. Does he need six signs in five languages all saying “Men’s Room”? Maybe.┬áProbably. Definitely. You can make that happen.

Stop Sign Two-Sided Decoration

Railroad Crossing Sign

He might not play beer pong anymore but does he have a space to play darts? Sometimes the funniest part of giving a gift like this is watching the recipient negotiate with his wife as to where (and if) the gift will go into the house. Keeping a gift receipt for him is good policy but either way the crazy gift you gave him might just be the most memorable gift he gets all year.

Beer Pong House Rule 24×36 Poster Print Poster Print, 24×36 Poster Print, 24×36

Beer Pong Table Black 8 FEET – Portable with Bottle Opener & 6 Pong Balls !

For more crazy awesome gift ideas for guys—and girls too—check out Eric’s blog.

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