Tips for Giving Eco-Friendly Gifts

When looking for a unique gift for any occasion, whether it be a birthday, Christmas, or just because, consider giving a gift that is beneficial to the environment.

Selecting ethical and sustainable gifts shows the receiver that you care both about them and the environment you live in together. Selecting eco-friendly gifts is extremely affordable. It is important to choose a gift that not only is gentle on the planet, but also carefully selected that the recipient will enjoy and use.

Eco-friendly gifts should avoid non-biodegradable materials such as plastics, hardwoods, or polyesters because these items are not easily recycled and they may produce toxins. Good alternative options include cotton, wool, and bamboo. Also keep the words simple, natural, recycled, homemade, and organic in mind when selecting green gifts.When searching for eco-friendly gifts for specific holidays check guides to eco-friendly holiday gifts.

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Tips for Giving Eco-Friendly Gifts

Scale Down

Only buy for people you really need to buy for and set a budget for each gift and make sure every present has a purpose or meaning. Also, choose quality over quantity because the lifespan of an item outweighs the initial cost.

Minimize or Eliminate Packaging

Select products that use less packaging or consider using a reusable bag instead of wrapping paper that will get thrown away. Another option is using scraps of fabric you have lying around to wrap your eco-friendly gifts.

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Reuse Items

Reuse ribbons or bows from previous gifts and use a photo or image from a card to make the gift tag.

Eliminate Unnecessary Items

Instead of using a bow or ribbon, top the gift with something from outside such as a flower from your garden, pinecones, berries, or twigs.

Buy Products Made From Recycled Materials

Instead of buying gifts that are made from non-biodegradable materials such as plastic, choose locally produced items from sustainable materials. Examples include cloth dolls and wooden toys.

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Check Out Local Venues

You may be able to find unique eco-friendly gifts from local sources such as swap meets, craft shows, and local listings.

Buy Secondhand

Check out thrift stores, consignment shops, and garage sales to find unique items that can be reused.

Regift Unused Items

Items that you may not have used may be ideal for others. Make sure it is in good shape and geared toward the recipient’s interests.

Give Remanufactured Items

Many office supplies are remanufactured such as ink cartridges or toner.

Give Handmade Items

Use your talents to create thoughtful handmade options such as a personalized painting, photo collage, or knitted scarf.

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Give Homemade Gifts

It is always the thought that counts and gift giving does not have to be complicated, make homemade cookies, pies, and cakes for the person with a sweet tooth, a plant from your garden for the plant lover, or homemade play dough for the kids.

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Give Gift Baskets with Necessities

Find an inexpensive basket and fill it with needed items such as toiletries, clothing, or snacks.

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Give Gifts to Protect the Environment

Many organizations offer certificates to help recipients participate in eco-friendly efforts such as planting trees or protecting the rainforest.

Buy Items that Inspire

Many green gifts are an inspiration to practice more eco-friendly activities. Examples include a vegetable gardening book or organic coffee.

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Think From a Global Perspective

Many organizations enable you to give someone in need a necessary item such as shoes, school supplies, or first aid kits.

Green gift giving is a great way to promote an eco-friendly life and inspire great practices to others. Eco-friendly gifts send the message that is it both important and easy to adopt green practices.

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