Gag Birthday Gift Ideas

Control a Woman Remote Control

Old Fart Farting Slippers Over-The-Hill Gag Gift

Senior Moments Board Game

‘Over The Hill Decision Maker’ – Gag Gift by Magique

Bullsh*t Button

Shift Happens & Panic Button (4pc Pack) – Novelty Computer Keys

Need some gag birthday gift ideas? Some of these are for over the hill celebrations while others will work for recipients of all ages. These are the best gag birthday gifts I could find.

The control a woman remote control is a guy’s dream come true. Just push a button to get food, sex or beer. It even has a mute button! Too bad it doesn’t really work.

These old fart farting slippers are a hoot, and they’re comfortable too, so they’re practical as well as hilarious. This is a great gag birthday gift for anyone who is getting up in years.

The Senior Moments board game is another great gag gift for an over the hill party. This is a memory game for those who are starting to lose theirs.

For those approaching retirement age, the over the hill decision maker is the perfect gag birthday gift. Just roll it to decide between TV, golf, fishing, eating, napping or shopping.

The bullshit button is certainly one of the loudest birthday gag gifts. Just press the button whenever any is detected to set off a loud noise and announcement.

The shift happens and panic button set is perfect for the computer lover. This gag birthday gift includes two of each button. The buttons have peel and stick backings.

These gag birthday gift ideas are sure to get a laugh—if not from the birthday guy or gal, then certainly from everyone else at the party. Choose your favorite from these gag birthday gifts or click here to see more gag birthday gift ideasat

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