Gardening Gifts for a Gardener Friend

If you have a friend who is into gardening, gardening gifts are something you should consider for a special occasion. The difficulty you might face if you are not into gardening yourself is deciding which gardening gifts are the best ones to buy for your friend. In addition, you may not know which gardening tools your friend already owns. Here are some gardening gift ideas to help you.

When shopping for garden gifts, you should remember that the focus should not be on the price of the tool you are buying, but on its quality and usefulness. Your gardening friend will appreciate the gift much more if it lasts a long time. Below are some of the items that could make a unique gardener’s gift.

Garden Kneeler

A serious gardener is always on his knees doing serious work. This could have severe health consequences unless he adopts measures to prevent them. Giving a thick garden kneeler as a gift to a gardener is one way to help them be more comfortable while they are working in the garden. A new garden kneeler will be appreciated by most gardeners.

Midwest Gloves and Gear 53, Kneeler Bench

Folding Garden Kneeler/Seat


The type of pruners that a gardener will appreciate most is one that will not leave blisters on the palm after use. Pruners that have well-contoured and comfortable handles make great gardening gifts. The blades should be sharp enough to give precise and easy cuts. There are also geared pruners, which increase the amount of power exerted with the same amount of effort.

Felco F-2 Classic Manual Hand Pruner

Wallace 9685 Bypass Pruner

Aerator Shoes with Spikes

These are shoes made with special spikes that help loosen the soil of your lawn for easy penetration of air, water, and fertilizer. With aerator shoes, all a gardener has to do is take a walk on the lawn in his shoes. The weight of any adult is enough to make the spikes penetrate the soil for aeration.

Lawn Aerator Strap-On Shoes

Aerator Spiked Shoes

Gardening Gloves

A good pair of gardening gloves is an essential item in the toolbox of any gardener. Gloves are a safeguard against things such as thorn, brambles, and other sharp objects that gardeners have to handle. The gloves you choose should be reinforced but should be flexible enough to allow for dexterity in the fingers.

Magid ROC40T-LThe ROC Rayon Made from Bamboo Collection Nitrile Gloves, Mens Large

Magid TE166T-M Terra Collection Deluxe Spandex Back Gardening Gloves – Womens Medium

Aluminum Garden Tool Set

This is one gift that a gardener will cherish for as long as it lasts, and aluminum tools are long-lasting. In this aluminum garden tool set, you will find a transplanter, a cultivator, and a trowel. Most gardeners will appreciate aluminum tools because of their durability.

Fiskars 7067 3-Piece Softouch Garden Tool Set

5-pc. Polished Aluminum Gardening Set

Leaf Scoops

These are the last tools we want to suggest here as gardening gifts. Leave scoops are lid-like implements that are used to gather dead leaves in large volumes. During the fall when there are more than enough leaves to gather, a gardener with leaf scoops will find the job easier than the one who relies on his or her hands.

Leaf-Gathering, Heavy-Duty Plastic Bear Claw Scoops for Yard Work

Bosmere N455 Hand Poly Leaf Scoops

Garden Gnomes

Most people will not consider garden gnomes when they think about gardening gifts. But a garden gnome will bring some fun to the gardener as he or she goes about their work. Choosing the right gardening gift is all about bringing a smile and a bit of happiness to the receiver. And a garden gnome is one sure way of making your friend smile.

Sculptural Gardens Standing Garden Gnome Statuary

Toland Home Garden 119118 Garden Gnome Garden Flag, 12-1/2-Inch by 18-Inch

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  • maria jose says:

    Nice post.Tools are common gifts for a Gardener Friend.If you are looking for a gardening gift to give to a novice gardener,then tutorial book on gardening is the perfect gift.
    These books tell beginners that how to handle gardening problems like weeds, insects, and plant disease.

  • Great gift ideas. I love the leaf scoops! They are totally functional and I know my kids will actually want to get leaves with the “bear claws”.

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