Gift Basket Ideas for Men: What to Buy for the Special Man in Your Life

Are you racking your brains for the perfect gift idea for that special man in your life? Having trouble coming up with good gift ideas? Have you given him shirts or ties that are now hidden at the back of his closet? Well, cheer up, because there are some wonderful gift ideas out there, even if he is hard to buy for.

For example, why not get him a gift basket based on one of his hobbies? After all, everybody has some type of hobby or interest. Your man might be interested in fishing, golf, NASCAR, grilling, or any of a whole host of other things. No matter what his interests are, you can find (or make) a gift basket just for him.

Where do you find gift baskets for men? Ordering online is certainly one option, assuming you have time for something to be shipped. If not, check the phone book for local stores that make gift baskets. Failing that, some florists can also create custom gift baskets for you.

Still striking out? No need to panic! It’s not that hard to make your own gift basket. You can buy a basket at your local hobby or craft store, line it with tissue paper, and stuff it with gifts to delight the man in your life!

Here are Some Unique Gift Basket Ideas for Men:

Grilling Gift Basket: If your man is king of the barbeque, why not get him a special grilling basket? You can line it with a grilling apron emblazoned with an appropriate pattern such as camouflage, chili peppers or fish. Or you can find one that sports a witty slogan such as “My Barbecue Is Smoking” or “If You Grill It, They Will Come.”

Toss in a few bottles of the chef’s favorite barbecue sauce, some seasoning specially made for grilling, and some barbequeing utensils such as tongs, brush, fork and a spatula. Perhaps you might even want to include a bottle of your man’s favorite wine to enjoy together after the grilling is done. Some other food gift basket ideas include wine gift baskets or baskets containing cheese, crackers, and other finger foods.

BBQ Food Gift Basket Featuring Budweiser Barbecue & Hot Wing Sauce – Fathers Day Gift Idea for Him

The Barbecue Boss™ – Grilling – BBQ – Marinating – Cooking Condiments Gift Basket

Master Of The Grill Barbeque Gift Basket

Grilling Creations Spice it Up Right BBQ Sauce & Fixins’ Gift Basket – The Perfect Gift For Him!

Fishing Gift Basket: This is a great gift idea for the fisherman. Not only will he enjoy the goodies you include, but he will know when he receives it that you are giving him the green light for a day of fishing! Fill the basket with his favorite items, such as a fishing scale, bait, tackle, special hooks, lures, and that special reel he’s had his eye on. Ask at the local tackle shop for more ideas.

In addition, you can throw in some snack items for your angler such as beef jerky, salted peanuts, trail mix and so on. Perhaps you can get some ribbon that has a fish on it from your local craft store that you can use to make a big bow to tie off the top of the gift basket.

Here Fishy Fishy: Fishing Gift Basket

Panfish Bucket – Tackle / Fishing Gift Basket

NASCAR Gift Basket: If your man is a big NASCAR fan he’ll love this. Line it with a NASCAR shirt and fill it with toy replica race cars or souvenir NASCAR coffee mugs. Include a hat, bumper stickers, magnets, key chains and other collectibles. if you want to make it really special, hide some tickets to his favorite race in the bottom of the basket!

Nascar Fans – Start Your Engines Gift Box

Victory Lap Nascar Race Car Gift Box of Sausage & Snacks

Hunter’s Gift Basket: This is a great gift idea for the outdoorsman. You can include such things as a deer can cooler, playing cards, a deer-shaped antenna topper, beer mugs, antler picture frame, and so on. Just be sure to tailor it to whatever type of game he likes to hunt.

Deer Hunters Gift Basket

Moose Wood Crate Gift Basket Fun Food Unique Hunters

No matter what your man’s interests, you should have no trouble filling a basket with items related to it. He will surely appreciate knowing you put in some extra effort to get him something truly unique and enjoyable.

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