Gift Ideas for Dog Owners

When you want to express your appreciation to a dog owner with a gift that conveys your thoughtfulness, sometimes the best gift is one that takes the person’s pet into consideration. The best gift ideas for dog owners are those that make the person’s life easier or that enhance the relationship between the owner and dog.

If the dog must be left alone during the day while your friend or family member is away at work, consider a toy that will entertain the pet. Puzzle games use hidden treats to keep the dog engaged. The treat is secreted away under part of the toy, such as a plastic bone, and the dog must use his fine sense of smell to sniff out which part of the game holds the treat. The dog owner can change the location of the reward, keeping the game challenging and engaging.

Kyjen Dog Games Paw Hide Treat Toy

Kyjen Dog Games Star Spinner Treat Toy

Another toy can reward the dog with either a treat or the sound of the owner’s voice. This battery-operated, hard plastic ball is motion-activated. When the dog tosses it around, it either releases a treat or plays a recording of her owner’s voice. The recording can be as long as twelve seconds, more than enough time for the dog owner to send a message that the dog will enjoy hearing again and again. This engaging toy is even safe for the dishwasher.

Premier Busy Buddy Kibble Nibble Dog Toy

Rubber Talk to Me Treat Ball Dog Toy-L-

If a dog dish seems like an unimaginative gift, think again. New features are making dog bowls more convenient, both for the dog and for the owners. A bowl that also serves as a scoop for dry food is a popular option. Other dog bowls come with rubber feet that can prevent the dog from scooting the bowl half way across the room while he eats. Some dog bowls even come with stands so that the dog can eat without bending over.

Wetnoz Studio Scoop Dog Dish, Medium, 3 Cups, Mars

Skid Stop Slow Feed Bowl – Medium (Color May Vary)

Signature Housewares Paws Dog Bowl, Set of 2 Bowls with Stand, Pear Green

HomeZone MDF Pet Food Storage and Server, Espresso, Large

Gifts that include both the dog owner and the dog are sure to be well-received. If your dog-loving friend loves water sports, consider a gift that will allow him to safely bring his dog along, too. Dog jackets that are specially designed to keep dogs afloat in the proper position can help dogs that are timid or new to swimming. Other designs are intended to help dogs swim in rough water. A handle is often attached at the top of the jacket to help dog owners retrieve the pet out of the water.

Guardian Gear Aquatic Pet Preserver Xxl Orange

Fashionable Life Preserver for Dogs Size: Large (20″ L), Color: Blue Floral

For dog owners who would love to bring their pet along on a long hike, dog packs make an ideal gift. Available in every size imaginable, from a simple pack with two side pockets, to packs with multiple pockets in a broad range of shapes, styles and colors. Dog packs are also useful for daily walks around the neighborhood, helping dogs burn off pent-up energy.

Mountainsmith Dog Pack, Heritage Red , Medium

Dog Backpack Saddle Gear Bag Easy Fit for Dogs New (colors vary)

Gifts that dogs will love and owners will appreciate are sure to be a hit. Whether you have a limited budget, or can afford to give something extravagant, retailers of quality dog products have you covered with hundreds of great gift ideas for dog owners.

About the Author: Kelly Marshall writes for Oh My Dog Supplies, the leader in dog beds, dog clothes and other cool dog goods.

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  • Rob W. says:

    You have really nice gift ideas here for dog lovers and dog owners. I might someday decide to buy and try one of those. Hope she likes them.

  • After gettin some ideas of what to buy for my nephew, I’m gona indulge my dog and get him something really nice this weekend. Maybe new rubber ball, duno yet.

  • Terry@DigitalTwist says:

    Another idea would be to use the pet’s picture in a photo gift.

  • Hello Beth,

    This is indeed a unique post. Gifting something great to dog lovers is itself a great thought. I really appreciate your extra ordinary gift idea. I think now your readers got some new idea to gift their loved ones. Nice sharing!

    Thanks & Regards,
    Janet Steward

  • As a dog blogger and a board officer of a no-kill shelter, I thank you for sharing your gift ideas. People without pets can find it very difficult to come up with something that will be appreciated long after the reason for the gift is past, and the busy buddy and Kong toys are great fun, safe for dogs while their people are away, they last over time, and are made in the USA;)

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