Useful Gifts for a College Graduate

Graduating from college is a monumental step in life where the graduate is about to go through a huge life change—and as such, it is customary to buy gifts for a college graduate to help them start their new life. After graduation, your graduate is no longer a student, but an adult who may be moving into a new apartment and earning a living for themselves.

While college graduation is a sign to the world that you are ready to become a part of the workforce and become financially independent, students still need help getting their feet off the ground. Moving can be extremely expensive, even when you do it yourself. There are always things that a student needs to make the transition to the workforce, and these are the gifts you want to give at graduation. Here are the five most useful gifts for a college graduate:

The 5 Most Useful Gifts for a College Graduate

5. Watches: If you enjoy giving jewelry as a gift, a watch makes for the perfect gift for a college graduate. College students usually don’t have very expensive jewelry and mainly purchases watches for functionality or night life. Once they start going to work every day, a watch helps complete the professional look and can help the college graduate ensure they are always on time!

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4. Clothing: While T-shirts, shorts, and ripped jeans are OK for the college lifestyle, they are not suitable for the workforce, so they don’t make good gifts for a college graduate. Whether the new job offers a relaxed or strict dress code, chances are they need to purchase more clothes. It’s best to ask the graduate about their job and what the office and atmosphere is like to get an idea of what type of clothes they will need to purchase in order to get the best gift for your college graduate.

3. Digital Business Card Scanner: When you first start a job, you are going to be introduced to several people a day and will be collecting hundreds of business cards. It’s hard to keep all of these organized, especially when you meet people that you may not talk to for a while. A digital business card scanner is the perfect gift for a college graduate who needs to keep his or her contacts organized from the beginning of their career.

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2. Furniture and Appliances: College students typically have cheaper furniture and appliances for their college dorm, apartment, and/or house. Certain items that were purchased four years ago might no longer work and need replacement. Graduates are usually looking to upgrade their furniture and appliances after graduation. Additionally, college students sometimes live with up to 5 or 6 other roommates, and may need to purchase new furniture, such as a couch or TV stand, when living alone or with fewer roommates. Furniture and appliance gifts for college graduates relieve a large financial burden.

1. Money: Cash is king! Graduates come out of college with student loans and very little left to their name after paying for college. Before the graduate even receives their first paycheck, they have several expenses such as moving vans, first month’s rent, gas, etc. Even if they can afford everything at the moment, they may not be able to later. When you give a cash gift to a college graduate, he or she can use it to buy things they need for their apartment or to pay off their student loans. Have you ever heard of someone returning cash?

College graduation is a special time and family and friends want to give a college graduation gift that will be useful to the graduate. This list should provide some gift ideas for a college graduate that they are sure to find useful. As with all gifts, it is important to keep the gift receipt in case your graduation gift doesn’t match or fit, or someone else gave the same thing. Graduation is a special time that is deserving of a special gift!

Bio: Adam Bruk is a recent college graduate now working as an online marketing specialist in Indianapolis, IN. When he isn’t busy analyzing retail trends for Socks4Life, he is helping other recent graduates with resume building and interviewing.

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