Gifts for Dad

If you’re a bit stumped as to what to get your dad for Father’s Day, you’re not alone. Father’s Day gift ideas can leave kids stumped, sometimes resulting in everyday presents like neckties or polo shirts. Go beyond the obvious: Use what you know about your dad, add a little practicality and find the perfect gifts for Dad on Father’s Day. A little imagination and ingenuity will make your dad’s Father’s Day unforgettable.

Gifts for the Handyman

Tools are popular gifts on Father’s Day, so you should be able to find great deals on things your craftsman dad can put to great use. Take some time to investigate his workshop when he’s not around. Are supplies like nails running low? Consider getting him a new hammer and a variety of nails for his around-the-home projects. Does it look like he has trouble finding space to work? Getting him a workbench will provide a dedicated surface for everything from construction to gardening and can help him stay organized. Maybe he needs a new drill, toolboxes or screwdriver set. Think about tools Dad can use for that project he’s long been talking about starting. Whatever you select, put some thought into your purchase.

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In the Huddle

Gifts for sports enthusiasts vary widely. Jerseys are a great way to show support for a favorite player, even if the athlete has long been retired. Wall hangings are a great way to dress up a home bar, man cave or home office, especially if they remind your dad of a game he attended months or years prior. Framed photographs of players, coaches or arenas are great options, as are pieces of sports memorabilia that can be set inside display cases. If you’re looking for autographed collectables, look on sites where like-minded fans gather or check out sources like eBay. You might even distract Dad with logo gear, such as a hoodie, baseball hat or throw to stay warm during outside games, and then surprise him with tickets to a game. Nothing beats the gift of quality time you spend together.

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Heading Outdoors

Dads who are into hunting, hiking, backpacking or other outdoor pursuits will benefit from presents that help them pursue their hobbies. Try gifts like tents, an insulated sleeping bag, backpacking gear, binoculars or a nice compass. Hiking shoes, a bird-watching guide, DVD or accessories to outfit an RV are all great options, especially for dads who are ready to retire and hit the road in search of adventure.

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Going Techie

There are plenty of tech-savvy options out there for Dad. You don’t need to splurge on the latest iPad; a simple but practical electronic device will do the trick. A docking station for his appliances, a range finder for the golf course or a universal remote are all great ideas that will make a technophile’s life easier. If your dad has every tech gadget seemingly known to man, snag him an iTunes gift card, Amazon gift card or credits for the Google Play store.

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Father’s Day is supposed to be about showing your dad how much you love and appreciate him, but conventional Father’s Day gifts don’t always convey that message. By thinking outside the box, you can get your dad something that will have him bragging to his friends for months. Your dad thinks you’re the best kid in the world for a reason; show him he’s right.

Holly loves spending time with her dad, working on home improvement projects or planting hostas in his garden. She blogs on behalf of Sears and other brands she trusts.

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