Gifts for the Patio: Designing the Perfect Outdoor Living Space

A patio may be a tiny concrete space outside an apartment or a sprawling, tiled area overlooking a suburban back yard. No matter what the size or location, a patio enables you to expand your home and style into the outdoors. Even the smallest of patios can be a place for romantic dinners, entertaining friends or working online and getting some fresh air at the same time. Everyone has a unique style, but there are elements of decor that will work in any outdoor living space. Here are some gifts for the patio to consider if you are looking for a gift to complement a friend’s patio and yard.

Candle Gifts for the Patio

There are a variety of candle styles that are appropriate for a patio. Citronella candles in attractive jars or tins provide light, decoration and keep away mosquitoes. For those who love scented candles, jar candles in outdoor scents are appropriate gifts and they are also safe. Votive candles in stylish holders scattered about the patio help invoke a romantic atmosphere. Floating candles are a perfect choice for the patio that will be used for entertaining. Taper and free-standing candles should be avoided because of the possibility of being blown over by the wind.

Blue Glass Moroccan Lantern

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Wind Chimes Make Great Outdoor Gifts

Once thought to drive away evil spirits and summon good luck, wind chimes are now classic outdoor decor. Wind chimes are available in literally thousands of styles, from inexpensive, fun glow-in-the-dark plastic chimes to large sets of chimes made out of bamboo. Three to five sets of complementary wind chimes hung about the patio provide beauty and relaxing sound. There are plenty of inexpensive yet attractive wind chimes that you can purchase as a thoughtful, yet budget-friendly gift for a friend who enjoys sitting outside on the patio.

Woodstock Percussion EHS Emperor Harp Windchime

Red Carpet Studio 32 Inch Spiral Wind Chimes w/Heart Chrystals

Fountains for the Patio

Electric fountains bring tranquility to a patio and make it a perfect place to relax and unwind after a long day at work. Styles range from Asian to Roman to modern. Lighted fountains are also available. Fountains can be accessorized with decorative stones and pebbles or animal figurines such as frogs or turtles. Water elements such as fountains provide a feeling of being in nature, even if the patio is a balcony overlooking a city street.

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Plants Liven Up the Patio

Most people want some greenery on their patio. Those who aren’t gardeners will appreciate gifts of plants that add style and drama but require little care, such as philodendrons, potted palms or miniature trees. Fruit-bearing trees are available that need only sunlight and basic care to flourish. For the gardener, a patio can be a place to express themselves with a container garden. Tomatoes and herbs can be grown easily on the patio and produce well into the fall. Climbing plants such as moonflowers and sweet peas also grow well in pots and provide drama with their trailing vines. Patio gardeners will always appreciate receiving another plant as a gift, as well as attractive pots and small gardening implements.

Brazil Philodendron 4″ Pot – Easy to Grow – Low Light

Zen Reflections Juniper Bonsai

Statuary Adds an Artful Touch

Statues and figurines for the patio bring a touch of elegance and art. Cats and dogs are popular subjects for outdoor art, as are fairies, angels, mushrooms, frogs and turtles. People with a preference for the fanciful may enjoy receiving gargoyle or dragon statues as gifts for their patios.

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A combination of greenery and relaxing elements like wind chimes and fountains can be used to create a space that’s so enticing, everyone will hate to have leave it and go inside.

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    I think there are various gifts that you can use for designing perfect outdoor living space.The outdoor living spaces are patio, gardens, lawns etc.You can use Candle Gifts for the Patio of house. Wind Chimes are used to make great Outdoor beautiful and stunning. Wind chimes are used in home for good luck.You can also construct a fountain in your garden to make it livingful and beautiful.You can also place statues in the garden to add some new look to it.And greenery is the most important thing that shoud be needed to make the garden and Patio outstanding and different from your neighbours.You can also use gift stone to make your garden stunning.

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