Goody Bag Gifts for All Ages

Growing up, the best birthday parties weren’t the ones with the clown show or the giant inflatables. Nope, the top tier celebrations were ones with the best goody bags for the guests. I’m quite certain that this is still true for today’s youth and I’m sure adults don’t mind a goody bag now and then.

Goody Bags for Kids

Yummy Treats: You can’t go wrong with candy or perhaps a big cookie for the little ones. Edible goodie bag gifts are just what they need following a day of party foods, right?

Outdoor Games: Bubbles and sidewalk chalk are always a hit. If you’re looking for a way to let the children expend their energy, goodie bags filled with outdoor activities are the route to go.

Art Supplies: Perfect for a themed birthday party, stock your little guests up with crayons and a themed coloring book. This is fairly inexpensive and parents will appreciate the low-key nature of the gift.

Crayola 52 Ct Chalk Carton

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Birthday Party Goody Bags for Older Children

Games and Puzzles: Rubik’s cubes, Yo-Yos, a book of Sudoku puzzles and so forth are great gifts to put in goodie bags for kids in this age group. They will actually get used and provide some educational value or at least get the kids moving.

Beauty Supplies: Mini bottles of nail polish, nail files, lip glosses or small soaps are all things little girls would love and are pretty inexpensive goody bag fillers.

Sports Gear: Mini basketball sets that the boys can hang over their bedroom door are always a hit. Water bottles, athlete trading cards and granola bars will complete the sports themed treat bag gift.

60s Magic Cube Puzzles (1 dz)

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Goody Bag Ideas for Teens

Gift Cards: Now don’t freak out, I’m not talking $50 to the video game store here. Five dollars toward iTunes, Starbucks, fast food restaurants, or the movies will be a hit and won’t break the bank.

CDs: Create a themed playlist, or if it’s a birthday party, have the birthday boy or girl burn a CD of tunes and burn copies for all the guests’ party bags.

Car Gear: If it’s a 16th birthday party, car air fresheners, car decals, or bobble heads for the dashboard are all popular goodie bag gift ideas.

Car Freshner 10101 Little Tree Air Freshener – Dk. Green Royal Pine Scent (24 Each)

12 Pull Back Racer Cars

Goodie Bags for Adults

Novelty Sunglasses: Sunglasses with American flag lenses or frames shaped like dice or dollar signs are a hit! This comical gift can even be given early so guests can rock the shades during the party!

“Adult Beverage” Garnishes: Funny wine stoppers, napkins with witty sayings, cute wine charms, and beer cozies are perfect goodie bag ideas for adult get-togethers. Guests will love that the goodies are actually usable!

Spa Package: A goodie bag full of spa essentials is always a safe bet. Lotions, bath salts, eye masks, candles and magazines are perfect goody bag stuffers.

Golf Balls or Tees: What man couldn’t use more golfing accoutrements?

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Maggie Voelker lives in Indianapolis, IN and works as a content writer for Socks 4 Life, a discount socks provider specializing in diabetic socks.

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