How to Make Special Gift Baskets

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If you’re looking for inspiration for what to give someone next, why not consider a gift basket? Gift baskets are a great option for anyone and have many advantages. If you make the gift basket yourself, you can tailor the gift perfectly to the specific person you are giving it to so that it’s the right price and right theme and so that you can demonstrate the time and effort you’ve put into creating it. You don’t need to be talented at art or anything else to make a gift basket, yet it isn’t just something you’ve just bought and wrapped up either.

The secret to a good gift basket then is to come up with a theme and to think about how you can tie all the items inside together. Unless you have thought about the theme, your gift basket can sometimes look a little bit random and erratic and can risk feeling thrown together. By taking time and effort in coming up with an overarching theme you can show more time and thought has gone into it and make the gift more appropriate to the occasion. Here are some special gift baskets to make for a special occasion:

Themes for Gift Baskets

Christmas Gift Basket: Christmas is an easy theme for a gift basket and is of course ideal for any basket you want to give to someone around Christmas. This is something that anyone can enjoy and it’s ideal for getting in a festive mood. Items that will go nicely in a Christmas gift basket include gingerbread, Christmas carols on a CD, Christmas pudding, crackers, roasted chestnuts, gluwein and more. You can also decorate your basket with a little holly.

Art of Appreciation Grand Edition Gourmet Food and Snacks Gift Basket – Medium

Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets Large Sweet Sensations Gourmet Food & Snacks

Romantic/Sexy Gift Basket: A gift basket can make a great gift for Valentine’s Day or for an anniversary, and there are lots of things you can include that will be both sexy and romantic. For instance, you can include some massage oil, a nice scented candle, some lingerie, a sexy red lipstick, a rose, oysters, and a bottle of red wine. You can also sprinkle in rose petals and scent the basket itself. A tip: when creating your gift basket, consider the overall color scheme and make sure that your items all go together visually as well as thematically.

Art of Appreciation That’s Amore! Romantic Dinner For Two – Italian Gourmet Food Gift Basket

Happily Ever After Wedding Gift Box

Spa Gift Baskets: A spa in a basket is an ideal way to get someone to relax and treat themselves without necessarily having to travel to a spa. The kinds of things that will go well in these baskets are massage oil, bath products, relaxation music, scrubbers, wine, and a book of massage.

Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets Medium Lavender Renewal Spa, Bath and Body Set

Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets Essence of Luxury Spa Bath and Body Set

Summer Gift Baskets: A summer basket can essentially be the foundation of a great picnic. Include some cheeses and wines, some dips and breads, some summery flowers like daffodils or sunflowers, jams, and some sunscreen to finish it all off. It’s the little touches like this that demonstrate thought and consideration and ensure that the person has everything they need to help to make your gift basket a real hit. You can even include the picnic basket itself and a ball to play catch with.

Life’s a Beach, Summer Gift Basket

Just add Sunscreen Summer Gift Basket

Afternoon Tea Gift Basket: Afternoon tea is a rare treat and a lot of fun, so add a touch of class to your gift by creating an afternoon tea gift basket. All you’ll need is jams, scones, clotted cream, and some good quality tea. You could also include sandwiches, tea cakes, and even the crockery if you want to go all out.

Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets Spot of Tea

Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets Tea Time Gift Bag Tote

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