Ideas for 60th Birthday Presents

The 60th birthday is by far one of the bigger milestones in life.  If you are looking for great gift ideas for someone in your life that is hitting this milestone, you can find some great 60th birthday presents to make their day extra special.

Nostalgic Gifts

Some of the best gift ideas for those turning 60 are those presents that celebrate their birthday or make the recipient reflect upon their wonderful life. Nostalgic gifts make great 60th birthday presents and gift baskets are a wonderful way to give a gift that the recipient will enjoy. A great gift basket for that special person turning 60 in your life is a time capsule gift basket or retro candy gift basket. Included in the gift baskets are trivia cards from their birth years as well as nostalgic candies, a mood ring, and other popular trinkets from that time period.  A fun gift to give for the recipient to share with loved ones.

60th Birthday Gift Basket Party

60th Birthday Gift Basket Box of Retro Candy – Jr.

Another popular nostalgic gift to help the recipient think back to their youth is the What A Year It Was book or nostalgic DVD which details what the year of their birth, 60 years ago, was like.  The pictures and facts will be a great way to reminisce and share with friends and loved ones.

1951 What a Year It Was

1951 DVD: Your Fabulous Year – Nostalgic 60th Wedding Anniversary or 60th Birthday Gift


Commemorative gifts are also a great gift idea when buying 60th birthday presents for friends and relatives.  There are many commemorative gifts you can choose from.  For the golfer in your life, 60th birthday golf ball or a funny golf t-shirt are great, inexpensive gift.

60th Birthday Golf Humor Funny Dark T-Shirt by CafePress

60th Birthday – Wilson Ultra Ultimate Distance Golf Balls

For the wine connoisseur, a bottle of wine in a commemorative wine bag would be a treat. Or a commemorative wine glass might make a great gift. No matter which you choose, your gift is sure to be a hit. Be sure to prepare a great toast!

Grasslands Road Her Majesty “Super 60” Crystal Embellished 20-Ounce Black Wine Glass

Mud Pie Birthday Suits Hand Painted Wine Glass

Funny or Gag Gifts

And of course, no 60th birthday would be complete without an assortment of funny or gag gifts about getting old and being over the hill. Whether you are looking for a funny glass or survival kit, there is never a shortage of funny and gag gifts available for you to purchase for 60th birthday presents.

Laid Back Old Whiney Sippie Wine Glass

Over the Hill Survival Kit

No matter what kind you choose, there is something available for every taste when looking for 60th birthday presents so make sure you find the perfect gift for your friend or loved one to celebrate their special day.

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