Last-Minute Gifts that Save Your Life—Or at Least Your Relationships

Have you forgotten a key anniversary? Have you let slip from your mind the birthday of your significant other until the day is almost here? What last-minute gifts can you possibly dig up in order to avoid the embarrassment (to put it mildy) of having to own up that you had forgotten?

Forgetting a special birthday or anniversary can create friction in your relationship that could take a long time to repair. A small gift is better than no gift at all, but when you’re shopping for last-minute gift ideas, your options are limited. Depending on how much time you have left when you remember, your choice of places to shop may be extremely limited.

Fortunately, there are exceptions to this. Here are some nice last-minute gifts that can be delivered on the same day or at the very least, the next day.

Last-Minute Birthday Gifts

Last minute flowers are certainly the surest bet. As soon as you remember the birthday, order some flowers. You can still continue to look for a better gift over and above the flowers but you have something to show your consideration at least. Flowers are valuable last-minute gifts for your wife because they can be delivered right away. Another great last-minute birthday gifts is a gift basket. Gift baskets filled with chocolates make excellent last-minute romantic gifts. They are bound to please.

Bon Appetit

Art of Appreciation Old World Charm Gourmet Food and Snacks Gift Basket

Last-Minute Christmas Gifts

Christmas is almost a year away, so hopefully you won’t be in need of the following advice. But every year there are some people who are in need of last-minute Christmas gifts, especially when unexpected guests come to visit. Books often make very nice last-minute gifts for your family. They are easily available at local stores or even online if you have a day or two. Pick up books that suit each family member. For example, a suspense novel as last-minute gift for mom or a story book for the young children of the house. You can find a book to fit any hobby or interest, so the bookstore is a great place to pick up gifts for everyone on your list at once.

The Jungle Book

The Blue Fairy Book

Last-Minute Valentine’s Gifts

Last-minute romantic gifts are not the easiest last-minute gifts to find, unless you just want to go with flowers and a box of chocolates. Those are everywhere around Valentine’s Day, even at the local drug store.

For a gift to be truly romantic, you need to add consideration and thoughtfulness to come up with something special that will show your true love how much you care. One great last-minute gift idea is the split heart key chain: two pieces of a heart on two separate key chains (one for each valentine). This romantic gift may not be much but it symbolizes the love between two souls that share a single heart.

Personalized Valentines Day Lovers Split Heart Key Chain – Free Personalization – Romantic Gift Idea –

Personalized Silver Heart Key Chain – Romantic gift idea – Wedding

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