Party Gifts for the 4th of July

Although the 4th of July is fraught with tradition, if you’re giving a party this year, go outside the box with these Independence Day celebration ideas.

Memorable Invitations

Invitations can be more than just a simple card the guest eventually throws away. They can be gifts guests can display on coffee tables or fireplace mantels. Create festive photo cards with red, white and blue designs and fireworks. Use photos that feature your family and friends at the 4th of July party you threw last year.

If this is the first 4th of July party you’ve thrown, give them a sneak peek of what they can expect to find at your celebration. Take photos of the food, drinks, decorations and games you’ll have and place the photos on the invitation card. Include an RSVP so you’ll know how much food and drinks to make. Cut the cards into symbols of the 4th of July, such as red and blue flags or stars.

4th of July, USA Independence Day – balloons, rocket, stars and stripes Card

USA Independence Day, 4th of July – Uncle Sam’s hat, stars and stripes Card

Spectacular Decorations

By using the red, white and blue color scheme, you can decorate your indoor or outdoor area with a variety of decorations your guests can take home after the party to decorate their homes. Hang streamers, glittery stars and banners from trees or along fences. Place vases filled with colorful balls on tables as centerpieces. Plant flags in your yard. Don’t forget the special food and snacks you’re serving can also be used as decoration.

Jumbo Inflatable Uncle Sam (Stands 6 Feet High)

18in x 36in Sewn Polyester Pleated Fan – Online Stores Brand

Snacks as Gifts for the 4th of July

Create July 4th snacks your friends and family can take home from the party. Types of snack gifts you can make at home include:

  • Dip pretzels into chocolate and then roll the tips into red, white and blue sprinkles.
  • Bake Independence Day cupcakes with frosting decorated in a flag design.
  • Bake patriotic cake pops the kids can enjoy when they get home.
  • Cover strawberries in white chocolate and dip the ends in blue sprinkles to represent the stripes on the flag.
  • Decorate tart squares with blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and sliced strawberries dusted in confectioner’s sugar. Strategically place the squares into a flag design with the blueberries and blackberries in a rectangle on the top left corner. Alternate the raspberries and dusted strawberries in stripes for the rest of the flag.
  • Decorate cakes into flags and other Independence Day designs.

Celebratory Party Favors

Offer party gifts to your guests they can win when playing party games. You can have the kids create the party gifts as something fun to do during the party as this will keep them entertained. Types of craft activities they can make include:

  • pinwheels
  • 4th of July wreaths
  • candy containers
  • star medallions
  • decorated beach bags
  • decorated flip flops
  • gift baskets

Set up party games such as corn hole, horseshoes, bocce ball and volleyball. Pass out the party gifts to the winners.

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Stars and Stripes Beach Ball

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Make Your July 4th a Blast

Let everyone enjoy your party whether they’re young or young at heart. With these snacks and party gifts for the 4th of July, your guests will go home happy. And as always, remember: Keep your party safe. If you plan to have any type of fireworks celebration. Only let adults handle fireworks in a remote location. An accident-free party is a successful party.

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