Piano Gifts for Piano Teachers and Players

Piano teachers are dedicated to making sure their students learn to play a piece of music just right. This makes you want to buy piano gifts to say thank you in some small way when special events come along. You probably wouldn’t buy a digital piano at a Yamaha keyboards sale as a gift. You’ll most likely want to get a piano gift that is a small token of your appreciation rather than something extravagant. However, shopping for the ideal gift for a piano player or teacher can be difficult. Here are some ideas of piano-themed gifts that would be perfect to give your piano teacher at your recital.

Piano-Themed Jewelry

Piano-themed earrings, bracelets, and necklaces make excellent piano teacher gifts. If your piano teacher is a lady she will love to wear these items and think about who gave them to her. For a man, look for a watch or cuff links with a piano keyboard design or music notes. Piano jewelry is also a great choice to give as piano recital gifts for those who are performing.

Piano Key Scrabble Tile Necklace

Piano Keyboard Cufflinks Golden and White Cuff links Music Cuff-links

Piano Key Chains

Piano-themed key chains also make good piano player gifts. Some key chains show just the keyboard and others have a miniature piano attached to them. Male and female teachers alike will enjoy these miniature piano gifts thanking them for their hard work and dedication.

Piano Key Chain – White

Grand Piano – Set Of 2 Key Chains

Clothing Gifts for Piano Players

Items of clothing such as ties, t-shirts, hats, and scarves can all be found with piano-themed designs on them. Just pick the item you think most suits the teacher that the gift is for. There are also things like shoes and socks with this theme too. So do not overlook them when thinking about gift ideas for piano teachers. Clothing items also make great piano gifts for kids who like to show off their musical talents.

Balzout Men’s Piano Tie T-Shirt,Black,X-Large

Outer Rebel Fashion Beanie- Black with Piano Keys

Piano Keyboard Necktie by Mystic Clothing, includes Gift Box and Neck Tie

Piano Keys Web Belt

Piano Gifts for Christmas

Piano ornaments make great piano gifts for Chistmas. There are a variety of styles to choose from, and many of them are quite inexpensive. Over the years, most piano teachers will accumulate a variety of piano gifts from their students, including an extensive selection of piano Christmas ornaments. That’s all right, though, because you can never have too many Christmas ornaments.

Miniature Grand Piano Christmas Ornament 2.75″ x 3.125″

Grand Piano with Music Christmas Ornament

Piano-Themed Mugs

Is your piano teacher a tea or coffee drinker? Give him (or her) a mug for a gift. Piano-themed mugs can be found at many gift shops. Each time your piano teacher drinks or her favorite hot beverage each day, it will provoke a fond memory of the person who gave the gift.

Heavy Duty Plastic 8 Ounce Piano Keyboard Keys Key Board Mug Black and White

Piano Keyboard – 11oz Mug

Magnetic Piano Gifts

Themed magnets are inexpensive piano gift ideas for those on a budget. You can find piano-themed magnets for just a few dollars each. If you are lucky, you might even find some at the dollar store for less.

Piano Clip Magnet

DACHSHUND AND PIANO – 3×2 inch Fridge Magnet – large magnetic button – Magnet

Pre-printed Music Paper

Piano teachers go through many stacks of music paper each year. They use it for exercises for their students as well as for writing their own music. Giving this paper as a gift could save them a lot of money throughout the year.

12 Staff Music Writing Pad (Loose Pages (3-hole punched for ring binders))

The Big Book of Staff Paper

Piano Gift Recordings

Does the teacher perhaps have a favorite piano artist he or she might like to listen to? If you know who it is, find a recording of some sort to give to the teacher.

Relaxing Piano Music

The World’s Favorite Piano Music

Where to Find Piano Gifts

Today there are many convenient and trusted websites like Amazon to find the gifts mentioned above. A $50 Amazon Gift Card makes a great convenient gift. Of course, store locally have them too. Either way you will not have trouble coming up with these wonderful items. They will be a pleasant surprise for any piano teacher. So whether it is Christmas, a birthday, anniversary or just thank you, go out and get a gift today for one who so lovingly teaches how musical pieces should be played. The teacher will be so touched that you cared enough to do so.

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