3 Things to Consider When Buying Robes as Gifts for Clergy Members

Though not the most common of gifts, members of the clergy love presents too, and clergy robes can make the perfect gift.

The church has been in existence for thousands of years. Over the centuries, clergy apparel has changed to reflect the prevailing trends and church traditions. The choice of clergy robes should convey the right message to the congregation. The aim is to remind the flock that your clergy represent Christ on earth.

Here are three things to consider before buying clergy robes as gifts for clergy members.

Colors of Clergy Robes

Clergy RobesColors can convey different messages. Consider the meaning of the color when choosing robes as gifts for clergy members. The use of colors should also be in tandem with the season.

  • Christmas is a time of joy, celebration, and appreciation. It is a time to reflect on the birth of Christ and the message of hope. Gold colored clergy robes will come in handy during this festive season.
  • Red is a color associated with the blood of Christ and Christian martyrs. Some churches use red robes during the ordination of church ministers.
  • Blue symbolizes royalty and is prominent in many churches during the Advent season. Green takes pride of place during the Epiphany and Lent seasons. It conveys a message of rebirth and abundance of life.
  • The most popular color is certainly white. This represents purity and holiness. You can wear a white robe for most church festivals and celebrations. This includes regular Sunday services, baptism sessions, funerals, and Holy days.
  • Purple fits in well with lent season. The color symbolizes royalty, penitence, and pain.

The Type of Fabric

Traditionally, natural fibers were the norm for clergy robes. This has changed with the advent of synthetic fibers that mimic natural materials. Most materials can be dry-cleaned without affecting the cloth quality. However, this might not be case for special materials. These include unusual fabrics and velvet. It is advisable to choose materials that offer maximum comfort indoors and outdoors. Natural fibers have better aeration qualities than synthetic materials. You can choose blended materials to enjoy the best of both worlds.

The Detailing of the Robe

This aspect takes into account your personal preferences and body structure. You have to consider the length of arm sleeves, floor clearance, and neckline. Some clergy robes have pockets while others do not. It is also up to you to decide the type of robe fastening. Try to avoid stylish trims or garish embroidery, which might draw attention away from the cleric’s message.

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