Four Awesome Tech Gifts for Seniors

Living in the 21st century opens up all kinds of gift options for seniors. Even though you may not think about it this way, technology can often make for a great gift for the older adults in your circle, because it can help them stay in touch with friends and family, provide entertainment, and exercise the mind.

Whether you need a retirement gift for your uncle or a birthday present for your grandma, here are four tech products any senior will love:

1. One of the best places to start is to help them get online easily. Between the wealth of information on every topic and the connectivity of social media, computers make a great gift, though sometimes a problematic one. Small keyboards and screens can be an obstacle, as can the perceived complexity of computers themselves. These issues evaporate with the WOW! Computer for Seniors.

With its large touch screen, small keyboards are no longer an issue, and its simplified interface is a breeze to learn. It’s also incredibly simple to set up: Just get it out of the box, and plug in the Internet connection and the power. Voila! You’re done!

Telikin TLMS18T3202W Home Desktop Computer (White)

2. What is one thing your parents and grandparents love? Pictures. Whether it’s you and the kids on vacation, old friends, or photos of bygone days, pictures represent the memories you hold dearest. Since the best and fastest way to share photos is online, it only makes sense to consider a Digital Photo Converter when gift-shopping. Just put a photo in the tray and hit the “copy” button, and a few seconds later you’ll have a five-megapixel image suitable for sharing via email, Flickr, or other services. All you need is a Windows computer to hook it up to.

Wolverine Data SNaP100 Slides, Negatives and Photos to Digital Image Converter (Red)

VuPoint PS-C500-VP Photo Digital Converter

3. For those who want something to carry around with them, the NovellaTablet is a great option. It’s not only a portable eBook reader, but it also allows you to surf the Web, check email, and play games. With a larger than average keyboard and the ability to increase the text size (almost twice as much as you can on most other tablets), it is very friendly to those with the vision loss.

Tablets are often referred to in recent news as the wave of the future. But for seniors, this tablet is not just for the future, it’s a realistic computing option right now!

Superpad 10.2″ Tablet PC, Google Android 2.1, Webcam, GPS, HDMI, USB, WIFI, 2 micro SD card slots

Apple iPad 2 MC769LL/A Tablet (16GB, WiFi, Black)

4. For those who prefer the familiar technology of the pre-computer days, a PortableElectricTypewritercan make a great gift. From filling out envelopes and writing letters to filling in documents, this classic device is the perfect gift for the computer-shy.

No matter what the occasion, tech products like these are fantastic gifts for seniors because they’re functional, yet easy to use, and, most importantly, can help seniors stay in touch with the people they care about.

Brother GX-6750 Daisy Wheel Electronic Typewriter

Brother SX-4000 Electronic Typewriter

George Williams is a writer for firstSTREET Online, the leading source for innovative products for seniors and beyond. He writes about technology and social media for seniors at the firstSTREET Blog.

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  • Rob W. says:

    Sometimes we forget that seniors love new gadgets and technology products too, perhaps even more than us! Useful tech gifts could help them use today technology more conveniently and stay in touch with us easily.

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