The Best Baptism Gifts for Babies

Mary Meyer Christening Blanket, Lamb

Russ Berrie My 1st Rosary, Blue

Baby’s First Book of Prayers

Russ Berrie My 1st Rosary, Pink

Baptism Gift Bracelet

Frame and Cross Baptism Baby Gift Set

Although the baby has no idea what is going on, baptism is a special event for the parents, grandparents and other family members. Here are some of the best baptism gifts I’ve found for babies. You can click the “buy now” button for any of the products above to purchase it securely through

My first recommendation is the Mary Meyer christening blanket lamb. This is a cute toy that might just end up doubling as baby’s favorite blankie. That is, if the parents let her play with it. This is sure to be a well-loved toy.

The second item is the Russ Berrie “My 1st Rosary” in blue. This comes in a porcelain trinket box with a blue bow and cross on top. This is the perfect baptism gift for a baby boy.

Next is the book, “Baby’s First Book of Prayers.” This will make a great first book for mom to read to the baby.

Of course, the Russ Berry “My 1st Rosary” is also available in pink for baby girls. That is the next item on the list of best baptism gifts for babies. You can store the rosary in the trinket box until the baby is actually old enough to use it.

The baptism gift bracelet is sized to be just right for an infant’s wrist and is a special item for baby to wear to her baptism. You’ll want to give this gift ahead of time to make sure the parents have time to put it on their baby.

Finally, the frame and cross baby baptism gift set provides a wonderful keepsake to commemorate the special day. There is a plaque on the left with room for baby’s photography and a cross on the right.

The parents of that special baby will be delighted to receive any of these baptism gifts for their baby. However, if none of the above items is quite what you’re looking for, click here to see more baby baptism gifts on

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