The Best Perfume Gifts for Men: Zara for Him and Cold by Benetton

Perfume is not always one of the first things you think of when you are looking for gifts for men, but men like to smell nice too. Here are two great perfumes to consider if you are shopping for perfume gifts for men.

Zara for Him

Zara For Him by Zara is the masculine version of For Her. They both come in a plastic cubical bottle, white for the feminine version and black for him. Whereas Zara For Her was a soft floral, this masculine version is more woody, warmer, and more wintry.

The opening of this perfume for men is indeed quite surprising, as it is different from the usual masculine fragrance. There are notes of incense and resin, mixed with tobacco and cedar wood. At least at this stage, it feels relatively fresh, probably thanks to a note of bergamot in the background. In the middle phase, the tobacco and resins are more distinct, and aggregate spices in the line of nutmeg and a soft cinnamon. It reminds me of the final notes of Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue for men.

The style is woody and formal, perfect for a work environment where a tie is mandatory. For social occasions, it will work for quiet reunions with a small number of friends and in romantic situations.

Cold by Benetton

The second men’s perfume I will review is Cold by Benetton. Although it is sold as unisex, it feels very masculine. The list of declared notes in the Benetton website is quite long, with the most interesting being: neroli, bergamot, lemon, thyme, lavender, vanilla, and white musk.

There are citrus notes in the opening, with lemon and bergamot, plus other notes of masculine cologne, like geranium and vetiver. There is, however, a quick change to spicy notes, like green herbs with pepper, which is dominant until the end, and there is also also a hint of musk.

Although several of the ingredients are typical of feminine perfumery, the way they are arranged feels very masculine. Its simple structure makes it suitable for any time of the year, mainly during the day, as it would not have enough intensity for nights out or romantic dates. In the office, it will work if you like a classic style.

COLD by Benetton EDT .18 OZ MINI for Men

Cold Benetton 3.3 oz EDT Spray For Men

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