Unique Gift Ideas for Grads

When graduation comes around for high schools all over the country, many people get lazy when it comes to finding a gift for the grad in their life. Money may seem like a good present, but with such a personal achievement, it is a nice gesture to find a more unique gift. There are a variety of items that many high school graduates are sure to love and be truly thankful for.

Electronics Accessories

One of the best choices for graduation gifts is something that the recipient can use regularly. With the way technology has made cell phones, portable music players, and other items so easily available, it makes sense that accessories would make a wonderful gift. Many graduates would love a new cover for their cell phone or a laptop bag to bring along to college. Taking into consideration the possessions of the graduate will help a buyer determine what accessories will make the best fit. The best part is these accessories typically cost under $20 and will be very useful for the graduate.

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College Essentials

Many people forget the cost of basics when it comes to moving into a college dorm. While the cost of college tuition and books is very high, it’s easy to forget all the little items that need to be bought. A mini fridge or microwave can be a wonderful present and each are typically under $50. Some more inexpensive options include dishes, flatware, and pieces of furniture for the dorm room.

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Gym Membership

A great way to burn off stress and stay healthy is by exercising regularly. The cost of memberships to a gym may seem pretty high, so a graduate is sure to love the gift of an already paid membership to a nearby gym. Choosing a well recommended gym close to the home or college of the graduate will ensure they take advantage of the gift regularly. The best part about this gift is they can remember who gave it to them each time they visit. A membership can vary in cost, depending on the months purchased.

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A more unique choice for a graduation gift is a high-tech pair of glasses. While priced a bit higher than other items on the list, between $80 to almost $200, they can help a lot for a person who is going to be on the computer for hours on end. The glasses reduce glare and make it easy to focus on a computer screen without straining or drying the eyes. Some glasses are designed for farther distances, while others are designed primarily for work on laptops and computers, allowing the buyer to choose the most appropriate pair.

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