5 Amazing Gifts for Anime Fans of All Ages

Japanese AnimeJapanese anime has been growing in popularity over the past 20 years—and so have the toys, movies, collectible cards, card games, board games and other merchandise that go along with it. With anime being produced in over 100 countries, there’s an ever-expanding fan base that is hungry for anime-related gifts. Read on to learn about five amazing gifts for anime fans of all ages.

5 Gifts for Anime Fans

1. Japanese Food

Japanese anime features food in many of its TV shows and movies, so many fans are curious to know how these dishes taste. Fans have been salivating over the meticulously drawn meals and delicious details drawn into some of the meals showcased in anime—and picking up perfectly made sushi can be enough to satisfy.

Candy manufacturers have created some great-tasting sweets that are available in American chain stores. If your friend is a fan of both anime and food, this is a good option.

2. Plush and Pillows

There are thousands of different plush animals, also known as stuffed animals, based on some of the most popular Japanese anime series. Pillows and blankets that depict beloved anime characters are also popular items, so you can give your friend an anime-inspired gift to curl up with at night.

3. Card Games

Yu-Gi-Oh! cards make great gifts for anime fans!Many teens and adults enjoy anime-based card games, including Fantasista Doll, Duel Masters, and Aikatsu! For fans of these games, look into buying an expansion pack for their favorite card game—or find a new game altogether and set them down an exciting new path of fun and adventure.

Card games are an excellent way to take one’s love of anime away from the television set or computer screen and into a social setting. Finding like-minded anime fans to play with encourages socializing and can be a great way to get family members to bond.

4. Model Kits

If you know someone who enjoys building plastic scale model kits or diecast model kits, consider browsing the extensive selection at Plaza Japan, which features hundreds of model kits based on the world’s most popular anime series.

Model kits are a great way to bring elements of anime into the real world—and a way of branching out one’s love of anime into a new enjoyable pastime. Just be careful—once you complete one model kit, you’ll be compelled to start building your next one to add to the anime world that you’re bringing to life.

5. Outdoor Sports

For those who like outdoor sports and activities, there is a variety of sports equipment with various anime designs. You can find anime water floats, fishing lures, bait buckets, water bottles and more. Watching a fishing lure that is a model of Freeza from Dragonball Z float around is not only fun for adults but can help entertain children as well. Ask them to watch the floating Freeza and alert you to any rapid bobbing.

Something for Every Age and Gender

Stuffed pokemon make great gifts for younger anime fans.Blankets and pillows are always a useful purchase and pleasing to the eyes. Anime card games have been around for decades and show no sign of slowing in popularity; they are also an excellent way to bond with people. Building models is a great way to stimulate the brain, and some anime fans enjoy receiving model kits as gifts. Outdoor lovers are covered as well—just find out who their favorite anime character is, and you’re ready to go.

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Yu-Gi-Oh! cards image by Timothy Tsui [CC BY-SA 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons.

Animate Akihabara by Antonio Tajuelo, Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) via Flickr.

Pokemon!!! by Daniel Lee, Attribution-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic (CC BY-ND 2.0) via Flickr

Perfect Presents for Men

Buying for that special man in your life can be a challenge sometimes. Men aren’t always good at letting us know what they are interested in or would like as a gift, so paying attention to what the man you are buying for likes can be an important step in finding the right present. For instance, if your man is an avid golfer, finding presents for men who golf can be fun and easy. Likewise, finding the perfect gift for a man who only likes to work on cars can be a piece of cake.

Presents for Men Who Love Sports

If you are lucky enough to be buying for a man who loves sports, your choices in gifts can sometimes seem endless. There are gifts for every sport from football to hockey. You can even find plenty of sports gag gifts for the buddy who doesn’t mind a little teasing.

NFL Snack Helmet

Does he hate the Cowboys? That’s OK! You can get the helmet for his favorite team instead. There are 30 teams to choose from.

Spot it NHL

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Gifts for Outdoorsmen

Whether he loves to fish, hunt, or camp, there are plenty of gifts that are geared toward outdoorsmen. Here are our favorite gifts for men who love the outdoors.

Plano Tackle Box – 2 Tray with 136 Piece Tackle Kit

Takle kit includes: three assorted floats, one 1/8 oz. jig head, one 1/4 oz. jig head, ten each size BB, 3/0 & 7 split shot, one 6′ poly stringer, thirty…

Dorcy 41-3982 Rubber Flashlight Combo with Batteries, 4-Pack, Colors may vary

Dorcy International Flashlight Combo Pack 41-3982 Portable Lights

Wenzel Deluxe Mess Kit

Wenzel Mess kit is lightweight and great for traveling, made with durable heavy gauge aluminum. Includes all the tools you need for a good cook-out; fry…

Allen Company Instant Roof Tree Stand Umbrella (Oakbrush, 57-Inch)

This multi-functional treestand umbrella can be used for weather protection as well as concealment. Use on the ground as a pop-up ground blind.

Perfect Presents for the Handyman in Your Life

Do you know a guy who always seems to have some sort of project underway, whether it is tinkering with the car or installing new kitchen cabinets? Guys like that usually love tools and gadgets. Here are a few that are sure to be hits.

Great Neck PSO40 40 Piece 1/4-Inch and 3/8-Inch Drive Socket Set

Even if your guy is careful with his tools, little things like sockets tend to go missing now and then.

DEWALT DC970K-2 18-Volt Drill/ Driver Kit

This lightweight but powerful cordless drill will soon become his favorite.

MagnoGrip 311-090 Magnetic Wristband

This magnetic wristband keeps small screws and nails close at hand.

Stanley 33-725 25-Feet FatMax Tape Measure

How is his tape measure holding up? Maybe it’s time for a new one.

Not Sure What He Likes?

Buying a present for a man you don’t know very well is the biggest challenge. You might have to settle for a “safe” guy gift like a Swiss army knife or a flashlight. Just don’t buy him a tie unless you know he works in an office.

Preparing for the Holiday Shopping Trip: 4 Practical Fashion Tips

During the holidays, you should expect to spend even more time at the mall than you do now. Long lines, overbearing crowds and an endless shopping list can be exhausting, and will likely result in a holiday shopping trip that lasts several hours. Since you’re probably going to making a considerable investment in time, it pays off to be prepared by dressing appropriately for each expedition. Naturally, you want to dress both fashionably and practically, so here are some helpful tips for balancing both of these objectives.

1. Compact Purses

You might instinctively want to reach for your biggest bag before the trip, since you’ll likely be gone for an extended period of time. However, it’s important to pack as lightly as possible so you don’t end up weighing yourself down more than necessary. Choose a cute, compact purse—preferably one with longer straps so it can sit comfortably across your chest—and only carry essentials like your wallet, keys and ID.

Buxton Check Clutch Mini Bag On A String (Pink)

Soft Leather Purse Organizer Shoulder Bag 4 Pocket Micro Handbag Travel Wallet 6 colors

2. Cardigans

It’s hard to predict the temperature of public places in the winter because they either have the heat blasting or they don’t seem to have any heat at all. You’ll want to be prepared for potential temperature changes as they occur, so make sure to either wear or bring along a comfortable cardigan to go with your outfit. Any basic colored cardigan will do. However, you can also have a little fun with this look by wearing animal prints or cute polka dot patterns to give your look a little more flavor.

Wet Seal Women’s Button Up Cardigan L Beige

Chaus Women’s Long Sleeve Pleather Shoulder Open Cardigan, Rich Black, X-Large

3. Flat Shoes

This one might seem a little obvious, but you’d be surprised how many girls you see at the mall going all out in a pair of heels when you know their feet must be throbbing. Even though heels will certainly show off your fashionable feminine side, they aren’t exactly the most practical choice for a day of walking around the mall. Choose cute flat boots or a pair of girly ballerina flats to keep your feet as comfortable as possible for the long walk through the maze of the mall.

Rocket Dog Wren Terry Corduroy Loafer Slip On, Womens Flat (8, Grey Terry Cord)

Toms Womens Polka Dot Ballet Flats Red Size 7.5

4. Leggings/Jeggings

Want to just wear your yoga pants to the mall but don’t want to look like you just came from your morning vinyasa class? Put on a pair of comfy leggings and throw on an oversized sweater for a cute and cozy look that feels as comfortable as your pajamas. If you’re not as comfortable wearing leggings out, try a nice pair of jeggings to get the polished look of a nice pair of jeans with the comfortable feel of leggings.

Amour-Fashion Punk Women Solid Color Bandage Mesh BLACK/Red/Blue leggings (Pink Lightning Galaxy)

Womens Cotton Spandex Leggings by In touch in Black, Medium

ToBeInStyle Women’s Elastic Skinny Pull On Jeggings w/ Zipper & Button – Small – Burgundy

Ashley Stewart Women’s Plus Size Indigo Butter Jegging Indigo 14

In addition to comfort, you want to look cute when you go to the mall, since feeling confident and fashionable will help prevent impulsive purchasing. After all, who can resist a new pair of shoes when you’re wearing your oldest pair of ill-fitting flats? If you’ve ever been to the mall anytime after Thanksgiving, you can easily see why preparation ahead of time is the smartest way to get in and out as quickly and comfortably as possible.