The Best Gifts for Lawyers–No Matter What the Occasion

If you’re looking for the best gifts for lawyers, you’ve come to the right place! We have plenty of great Christmas gifts for lawyers, graduation gifts for lawyers, lawyer gag gifts, and even baby lawyer gifts—so no matter what the occasion is, you’re sure to find something that’s just right in the list of lawyer gifts below.

Law School Gifts: Great Gifts for New Lawyers

Whether you’re buying something for someone who is already a lawyer or you’re looking for gifts for law students, you can’t go wrong with gift that features their school. These make great “new lawyer” gifts as well. Here are a few nice law school gifts to consider whether you are buying a gift for a new lawyer, a law student, or someone who has been practicing for years:

Harvard Law School Adidas T-Shirt (XXX-Large)

Yale Bulldogs NCAA Logo Executive Cufflinks

Stanford Cardinal Authentic Mini Helmet (Quantity of 1)

Columbia University – Monaco Gold Clock

Lawyer Graduation Gifts

The school spirit items listed above make great law school graduation gifts, but another idea is a nice frame that the new lawyer can use to display his or her diploma in the office. A matted frame in the student’s school colors is a lawyer graduation gift that will never be forgotten—in fact, it will be proudly displayed where everyone can see it for many years.

HARVARD UNIVERSITY Diploma Frame with Artwork in Classic Mahogany Frame

STANFORD UNIVERSITY Diploma Frame with Artwork in Standard Walnut Frame

Yale University Bulldogs – Embossed Seal – Mahogany Gold Trim – Diploma Frame

Columbia University Lions – Gold Medallion – Mahogany Gold Trim – Diploma Frame

Personalized Lawyer Gifts

If you’re looking for unique lawyer gifts, then personalized attorney gifts are the way to go. Choose from several unique gifts for lawyers, such as a personalized photo frame or personalized lawyer tapestry pillow. When it comes to personalized gifts, the possibilities are practically endless.

3-D Crystal Scales of Justice Personalized Lawyer Gift

Personalized Gifts – Lawyer Tapestry Pillow

Personalized Lawyer Keepsake Gift – Inspiring Messages

Personalized Gifts – Lawyers Curved Glass Vertical 4×6 Photo frame

Lawyer Mugs: Inexpensive Presents for Lawyers

Coffee is practically its own food group in this country, so there are special mugs for people in just about any occupation. Lawyers are no exception. Choose a lawyer mug if you need an inexpensive gift for an attorney.

Lawyer Definition Ceramic Pottery Mug

Personalized Coffee Mugs for Lawyers – Legal Inspirations

Lawyer Artwork

Lawyer art prints make good gifts for lawyers too. After all, even if they don’t like art, lawyers need something on their office walls! Keep in mind that good art for lawyers does not need to be pictures of lawyers. Artwork that features cars, golf courses, landscapes, and city skylines are often seen in lawyers’ offices.

Professionally Framed Honoré Daumier (Three lawyers in conversation) Art Poster – 13×19 with RichAndFramous Black Wood Frame

Canvas Print, Million Lawyer March – 18 x 12

The Perfect Legal Gift: Lawyer Scales of Justice

Scales of justice gifts are the perfect gifts for a lawyer who is focused on his or her career.

Bronzed Legal Scales of Justice with Eagle Finial and Marble Great Lawyer Gift

* Sale * Blind Lady Justice Statue Law Office Lawyer Gift – Magnificent !!

SCALES OF JUSTICE Wall Clock attorney law office gift

Silver Scale of Justice Attorney Legal Lawyer Cufflinks w/ Gift Box

Books for Lawyers

There are all kinds of lawyers’ books, but here are two selections I thin would make good gift ideas for a lawyer. The first is a young lawyer’s book with tips to help her navigate through the obstacles she is likely to encounter as she begins her legal career. The other is a set of books that makes a good gift for lawyers. This lawyer gift contains four books containing historical writings that are of interest to lawyers, including the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

A Young Lawyer’s Jungle Book: A Survival Guide

American Wisdom 4 Book Gift Box (LAWYER’S)

Gag Gifts for Lawyers: Funny Lawyer Gifts

Everybody needs to laugh at themselves once in a while, right? The key to a successful lawyer gag gift, like any gag gift, is to make sure that the person receiving it will think it is funny. If you’re not careful, you could hurt the person’s feelings instead of making them laugh. When in doubt about whether to make lawyer gifts funny or keep it serious, it’s best to err on the serious side. However, if you know your friend is a riot and won’t mind laughing at himself, here are some funny gifts for lawyers that you might want to consider:

Law School in a Box

Lawyers and Other Reptiles

Clever Lawyer Sign (Female)

Clever Lawyer Sign (Male)

Lawyer Gift Basket

It goes without saying that a basket of law gifts makes a good lawyer present, but you don’t have to limit your gift basket selection to legal gifts. Food gift baskets containing cookies, candy, and other snacks are good gifts for lawyers and judges. Golf gift baskets are popular lawyer’s gifts too. Here are a couple of basket gifts lawyers will enjoy.

Londons Times Funny Panel Hollywood Cartoons – Why Martha Stewart Would Not Make A Good Lawyer – Coffee Gift Baskets – Coffee Gift Basket

Thank You Lawyer Cookie Basket

Lawyer Baby Gifts

If you know a lawyer who has just had a baby, a gift is in order. There are a variety of baby onesies with sayings such as “Future Lawyer” that are perfect gifts for lawyer babies. If you need gifts for an attorney with a new baby, a set of “It’s a Boy” or “It’s a Girl” cufflinks could be just the gift you’re looking for.

Baby-Says Bodysuit – Future Lawyer, 18-24 months

Future Lawyer Baby Booties

It’s a Girl Birth New Baby Cufflinks Cuff Links

It’s A Boy Birth New Baby Cufflinks Cuff Links

The Best Gifts for Lawyers

Well, there you have it—the best lawyer gift ideas I could find. Maybe one of the gift ideas for lawyers above will be just what you’re looking for. If not, you can find more gifts lawyers might like on Here are a few more great examples:

Some of the best gifts for an attorney are cufflinks. Another good gift for a lawyer is a good book. You’ll find a few more gag books at that link, but there are some serious ones too. And if you want to browse all of the gifts for lawyers on, click here.

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    When I was newly admitted as a lawyer two things I really wanted was a really nice wooden wig stand, as I’m Australian Barrister so we wear the wig and gowns. And a small little gavel decoration for my desk. Every lawyer should have a little gavel decoration somewhere, I think.

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    WOW there are so many gift to choose from but wise idea for categorizing the items. Now I have an idea what to choose. I like all of the items here specially the Lawyer Scales of Justice.

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