Birthday Gifts for Pregnant Women

Earth Mama A Little Something for the Mama to be

Ingrid & Isabel Women’s Maternity Everyday BellaBand, Petal, Size Two

Gownies – Maternity Hospital Gown (Small / Medium, Annabelle Gownie)

Motherlove Pregnant Belly Salve – 4oz

Finding the right birthday gifts for pregnant women is not that difficult. If you want to make this birthday all about her, not the baby, you’ll need to think about her hobbies, likes and dislikes just as would if she weren’t pregnant.

However, if you’re looking for birthday gifts for pregnant women that celebrate the pregnancy, here are some nice options that I think most pregnant women would enjoy. I’m pregnant as I write this, so I picked out things I would enjoy too. (Hint, hint, hubby, if you’re out there!).

The first item on our list of birthday gifts for pregnant women is a little something for the mama to be from Earth Mama. This kit includes “Happy Feet” foot soak to help mama with her sore and swelling feet, stretch oil for itchy bellies. This oil is lightly scented to avoid triggering nausea. It will help stop the itching and make the skin more elastic for fewer stretch marks. There is also a mint-flavored herbal lip balm.

Next we have the BellaBand. This is a great birthday gift for pregnant women. If you don’t know what a BellaBand is, it not only helps support the belly during pregnancy but also allows you to keep wearing your pre-pregnancy jeans. You just leave the jeans unzipped and put the BellaBand over the top of them to hold them up. This is a very clever and useful gift.

The Gownies designer hospital gown is available in an assortment of prints and looks much better than a regular gown. This is a great item for after the baby is born. Mama can look good when visitors come to see the baby and be comfortable too.

Another birthday gift idea for pregant women is Motherlove pregnant belly salve. This is an herbal concoction that contains shea butter, chamomile and more. This salve will help ease itching and reduce stretch marks.

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  • Penny Go says:

    These birthday gifts for pregnant women would, of course, also be nice Christmas gifts! I wish I had received the foot soak when I was pregnant, LOL!

  • Jeff says:

    These are some awesome birthday gifts for pregnant women! My sister is pregnant and would enjoy any of the recommendations you have made. Thanks!

  • Selena says:

    Best gift that I ever had during my pregnancy is that free from hospital bill when I’m giving a birth. With my others friends, maternal dress and stuff of my baby boy later. It’s awesome to make my budget to be change.

  • sam says:

    Thanks for the gift ideas, my wife has just got pregnant, yay. Know thanks to you i know what to get her thanks so much!

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