Christmas Gifts for the Gardener

Selecting a gift for a gardener is one of the easiest and most pleasant Christmas shopping tasks you’ll ever have. A walk through a big-box home store, a specialty garden shop or even a hardware store can give you dozens of ideas at a variety of price points. By its nature, gardening is one of those hobbies where few things are ever “complete.” There’s always another planting season on the way, more seeds to buy, more compost to turn and more supplies to bring home.

A Greenhouse

Serious gardeners dream of having the advantage of starting seeds earlier than everyone else, especially those who live in regions with short growing seasons. But few backyard gardeners actually have the space required for a traditional greenhouse. Portable or “walk-in” greenhouses are compact and some are small enough to tuck into the tiniest corner of the landscape. Walk-ins are simple to construct and can be moved around the yard easily as the seasonal needs change.

Gardman R700 5-Shelf Steel Frame Greenhouse

Flower House FHSP300CL SpringHouse Greenhouse, Clear

Garden Art

A wind chime, a sundial, a set of ceramic mushrooms—gardeners love them. Well most do anyway. If the dirt-digger on your list doesn’t have a single tchotchke in the garden, then take the hint: she probably doesn’t want any. But a garden accessory is usually welcomed with open arms if it’s well-made and fits in with the general style of the landscape. In other words, a pointy-hatted gnome is not such a great idea for an Asian-inspired garden, but an elegant tea lamp would be.

Garden Gnome Home Door in a Tree Art Pieces Outdoor Yard Decor

Ancient Graffiti Flamed Copper Dragonfly Garden Ornament

Watering Tools

Technology for providing plants with the right level of moisture is improving all the time. Heavy, old-fashioned hoses that kink up are out. Any gardener would appreciate a new collapsible or spiraling hose that tucks away in an attractive container or a multi-spray watering can that looks good sitting on the patio. Solar-powered misters, automatic timers and even a brand-new drip irrigation system are a few of the items modern gardeners are using to decrease the amount of time it takes to keep their beds watered.

Rain Bird GRDNER-KIT Landscape Dripline System Gardener-Foots Drip Starter Kit

75ft Garden and Greenhouse Landscaping Irrigation Plant Watering Drip Hose Sprinkler System Kit

A Tractor Scoot

Some people are forced to give up their beloved hobby because of injuries or pain in the back and knees. The innovative Tractor Scoot makes is possible to work from a seated position, eliminating much of the bending and stooping associated with gardening. Users can pull the seat to their desired location with the handle or sit and “scoot” into position. This item comes complete with a basket to hold tools, garden waste or a fresh bouquet for tonight’s dinner table.

Deluxe Tractor Scoot with Bucket Basket

New Heavy Duty Garden Rolling Work Seat With Tool Tray Cart

After-Garden Therapy Basket

After a long day of raking, mulching, and weeding, the hard-working gardener on your Christmas list is sure to have a few sore muscles that need soothing. A gift basket filled with organic balms to ease pain, a bottle of their favorite wine, a tasty snack, a garden-related book and a therapeutic grain-filled pillow is a gift that will get you showered with thank yous again and again.

Sweet Gardening Pleasures Gift Basket – A Great Idea for Mom!

Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets Gardeners Hand and Body Relief Green Tea Spa Bath and Body Set

If you’re having difficulty finding the perfect garden gift during the winter season shopping online can greatly increase your choices. Even big chain stores need to remove out-of-season items to make room for new merchandise. Check the website of your favorite retailer for garden supplies and gift ideas that may not be currently available in the store. Either way, finding Christmas gifts for a gardener will be so easy you’ll wish more of your friends had their hands in the soil.

Holly loves gardening and would be happy to receive a pointy-hatted gnome as a gift. When she’s not pulling weeds she blogs on behalf of Sears and other brands she enjoys.

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