Gift Ideas for Conference Speakers

When hosting a conference, it is customary for the company to hire speakers for the conference. The speakers are the main attraction and will determine the success of the conference. It is considered good etiquette to give each speaker a gift for their services at the conference. Many companies choose to give their speakers a customized gift representing the company such as a coffee mug or T-shirt. This is a nice gesture and is useful, but most speakers receive this type of gift every time they speak at a conference. To stand out, a company should consider a more unique gift. These five gift ideas for conference speakers are a great way to show your appreciation to the speaker.


A great gift idea is something electronic. Since speakers travel constantly, it is a good idea to give the speaker something useful. An example of this is a solar phone charger or handheld device. IPads, iPods and other mobile devices are great choices but may not be practical for the budget of the company. However a solar phone charger is a great choice as the speaker will be able to charge their phone on the go, especially if the speaker does not have access to an electrical outlet.

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Gift Cards

Gift cards are another great choice. Companies can choose to give the speaker a Starbucks card which can be used in most major cities or they can choose to give a general card such as a Visa card which can be used at most any locations. $25 Gift Card (0108)

Starbucks Gift Card

A Bottle of Wine

This is another great choice which can be customized with your company’s logo. You can contact a local vineyard or distributor and have a bottle created with your company logo. This is a great way to endorse your company as well as the region, if there is a local company that creates their own wine.

A Charitable Contribution

Another good option is making a charitable donation in the name of the speaker. Many speakers will be very appreciative of your company if you make a generous donation to a cause they represent or stand by.

A Simple Note of Thanks

Many speakers will be appreciative of a simple thank you card that is signed by those involved in the conference. Take the time to thank the speaker by writing a small note of appreciation and you can even add a gift card or nice bouquet of flowers with the card. A bottle of wine is also a nice gesture that can be given with a thank you card.
Overall, just be sure to thank the presenter for a job well done. It is also a great idea to send a follow up thank you letter to the presenter as well as offer a referral for another speaking engagement. This will keep your company in good standing with the speaker and they will be open to working with you again in the future.

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