Monster High Dolls: Unique Christmas Gifts for Girls

If you have ever wanted to change the general theme for your children’s toys and get them something different then Monster High dolls are perfect. These dolls make unique Christmas gifts for girls, and sometimes even for boys.

Monster High fashion dolls are unlike anything you have ever seen before. They are all creepy, spooky dolls that have the looks, clothes and personalities of some of the most well-known monsters from film, literature and TV history. That is because each of the characters from Monster High has either one or both parents who are a famous monster.

Mattel Monster High Rochelle Goyle Doll

Monster High Ghouls Rule Draculaura Doll

Monster High Robecca Steam Doll

Monster High Nefera de Nile Doll

Monster High has been around since 2010 and so have the dolls. When they were first released it was with a range of main character dolls which included: Draculaura (Dracula’s daughter), Frankie Stein (Dr Frankenstein’s daughter), Lagoona Blue (Sea Monster’s daughter), Cleo de Nile (the Mummy’s daughter), Clawd and Clawdeen Wolf (the children of the Werewolves), Ghoulia Yelps (the Zombies’ daughter) and Deuce Gorgon (the son of Medusa). These dolls and characters have now been expanded and there are more than 20 characters in doll form that fans can own.

There are also several different collections of dolls that are available and each collection is based on a particular theme. For instance there are the Dead Tired dolls who are going to a sleepover, the Sweet 1600th dolls who are going to Draculaura’s 1600th birthday, the Gloom Beach dolls who are dressed for the beach and the Roller Maze dolls who are going roller skating. Such is the popularity of these dolls that there are new collections being released several times each year.

There are also playsets that have furniture and other items for the dolls to use, in addition to all of the other Monster High merchandise that is out there.

All of the Monster High dolls have limbs that are articulated and this helps them to move in many different ways and can make their poses seem more realistic. Each doll has its own look, which is reflected in their hair, clothes and makeup. Characters that have fangs, such as Draculaura, will have these painted onto their lips which makes them look even more spooky. Other characters, such as Lagoona, have things like small fins on their limbs which tie them in with their parents.

Most Monster High dolls have a doll stand that comes in the pack with them, a pet, an accessory, and a diary. The doll stands are a very good idea as lots of fans like to display their dolls and the stands make it simple to do this.

With new dolls being added on a regular basis, Monster High is still as popular as ever and shows no signs of slowing down.

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