Novi Stars Dolls Make Great Gifts for Tween Girls

Novi Stars dolls have been sent from another planet and they are heading toward Earth! These new dolls are alien-themed and their story revolves around them coming to Earth and learning new things and teaching Earth children how to have even more fun. These fashion dolls were created by MGA Entertainment and are totally new for 2012.

All of the Novi Stars dolls make great gifts for tween girls. In fact, they have become so popular that they are likely to be on plenty of Christmas lists this year.

MGA Novi Stars Doll – Ari Roma

MGA Novi Stars Doll – Mae Tallick

MGA Novi Stars Doll – Alie Lectric

MGA Novi Stars Doll – Una Verse

The dolls that were first released were Una Verse, Ari Roma, Mae Tallick and Alie Lectric. They all come in their pack with a pet, a bio that will tell you more about them individually and a doll stand that glows in the dark and is perfect for showing them off. Recently a new character has been added called Nita Light but in her pack instead of a pet she has a cool energy pod to keep her fully charged at all times.

The Una Verse doll has a body filled with glittery water and her purpose is to give Earth a makeover. She tends to float around quite a lot and she loves to look girly. She has a pet called Molecule.

The Ari Roma doll has a bubblegum scent and she is 3,000 eons old. She is a romantic character who has really curly, bubbly hair and her pet is called O2.

The Mae Tallick doll is like a robot and she talks in a voice that is robotic, her aim is to be a pop star and she loves to wear shiny clothes. Her pet is called 8-Bit and because she is made from metal, she doesn’t like to go to the beach.

The Alie Lectric doll lights up and she tends to blush in lots of different colors. Her aim is to not blush when she meets boys from Earth who she thinks are cute. Her pet is called H-Def and she loves to do math and wear dresses.

The Mae Tallick and Alie Lectric Novi Stars dolls take batteries since they have features that require power—Mae speaks in a robotic voice and Alie glows. Make sure you get batteries if you are buying one of these.

The latest doll is the Nita Light doll. She comes in a playset with an energy pod. She has a body that is see-through to let light shine through it and she wants to be able to design clothes that people on Earth will love. Since she is see-through she finds it hard to keep secrets, but she is trying her best to develop the ability to be able to keep secrets to herself.

All of the dolls are popular and their popularity appears to be growing as time goes on.

This guide to Novi Stars was provided by, a new site showcasing each of the characters, including Una Verse and Alie Lectric.

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