Trendy Gifts for Tweens

Buying a gift for a tween isn’t the easiest task in the world. Tweens—kids between the ages of about 10 and 13—are trendy and fashion-forward. If you know what appeals to people in this age group, buying a gift they’re sure to love becomes much easier.


Girls love fun and colorful accessories. Purses, backpacks, pencil holders, lip gloss or hair bows are sure to be a big hit if given to a tween. Must-have accessories include bracelets with Hello Kitty and humorous mustache graphics, “best friend” jewelry and rainbow-colored accessories.

Three Cheers 4 Girls Flower Mini X Body Bag, Blue

Peace Sign Purse Handbag Recycled Rice Bag

Boys may not be as thrilled to receive a Hello Kitty backpack as their female counterparts, but boys are more interested in accessories than you might think. Simple necklaces or bracelets made from leather, hats and messenger bags complete a stylish tween guy’s outfit.

Neptune Giftware Mens Black Leather Double Strap & Black & Brown Coloured Cords Leather Bracelet / Leather Wristband / Surf Bracelet – 88

Mens black Adjustable 3.0mm Thick Leather Cord Surf Bracelet or Anklet


Tweens want to look like teenagers, but need to maintain the no-fuss, youthful style of kids their age. For girls, choose pants and shirts with glittery embellishments, bright neon colors and bold graphics. Boys also like clothes with printed graphics, especially casual skater outfits. Skinny jeans are a trend every young girl or boy is rocking right now. The slim-fitting pants are perfect with a pair of TOMS or Vans shoes.

Signature Stretch Skinny Jean – BEDFORD RAIN (29)

Diesel Men’s Shioner Skinny Straight Leg Jean, Denim, 29×32

Gift Cards

Tweens love the independence of shopping for themselves. A gift card for their favorite department store, game rental store or music outlet will make them happy. Another option is to bundle cards together to give them a fun outing. For instance, certificates to the movie theater and their favorite restaurant are a perfect pairing. $25 Gift Card (0108)

Forever 21 Gift Card


What tween doesn’t want her own cell phone? But expecting a 10-year-old to care for and use a phone responsibly is a recipe for trouble. Consider buying a simple, sturdy phone with a prepaid plan so you can control the cost. Save the smartphone for the teenage years.

Gaming systems, remote-control toys, portable music players or a digital camera are some other electronic gifts that are appropriate for a tween. But remember they’re still learning to take care of valuable items. Buy reasonably priced items without all the bells and whistles. Your tween can look forward to an upgrade down the road.

Apple iPod touch 8 GB (2nd Generation) [OLD MODEL]

NET10 LG Optimus Net No-Contract Touchscreen Prepaid Cell Phone

If you’re still at a loss as to what to buy a tween, look in a current issue of a teen fashion magazine. Find out what the older kids are wearing, what they’re listening to and which gadgets are being featured in magazine pages. Then, buy a slightly younger, more durable, more youthful version of those things. Buying gifts for tweens is difficult, but not impossible.

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  • Cass says:

    You missed the best gift for tweens for 2013, which is hands down Sphero. Bought one for my kids this Christmas, and after two weeks, they still use it!

    • Beth Parker says:

      Wow, that is cool! I totally missed that. This is the first I’ve heard of it. I checked out your post. It was fun to watch President Obama trying it out in the video.

  • Conan Hatch says:

    Remote control gadgets or toys can also be a lot of fun for teenagers. There are some that be controlled through an app in an iphone.

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